Anyone know where to get GN Resound's Aventa software from?

I just tried to find the Aventa software to install it but can no longer find a download link on the GN Resound website.

On this link there is the word “Download” but no active link.…tting/aventa-3

No Aventa here either:

Is the Aventa software still available?
If not does anyone here have a copy available?

Hi there, I have the link that has always worked for me,so should be no problem,you can PM me for it,Cheer’s

tenkan, attempted to send you a pm but not sure if it succeeded.

Hi gary1001, I have just sent a PM for you.

Only 11 more posts after this one until I can send a PM. :frowning:

I also send a PM for you,thanks.

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I also sent a PM to you:)




I am a newbie to the Forum and have not yet posted enough posts to be able to PM (I understand its 15). I’d be really grateful if you would PM me with the link for Aventa software. Thanks a million.

Look one post above yours…

Thanks! (and also the op. to post :o)

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Good plan!!! :rolleyes:


Got it! Thanks a million.

Hello lovely people…

Downloading and attempting to install the ReSound Aventa software requires a password. Where might I find said password?

There’s your answer!

Plz give the link also.

This is an old obsolete thread. Why ask someone who replied 2 years ago to provide you with a link?

Look on the main software sharing thread, this one;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY].

The older Aventa software is bundled together with the newer SmartFit software.

The link to the above thread no longer exists.

There is no single thread/topic that will list and provide links for all hearing aid fitting software. Also not all fitting software has links. Some are hidden. Instead of a single software thread, the new trend seems to be that you can read or post questions about available fitting software on one of many relevant-fitting-software-threads.