Any gotchas when buying a NoahLink wireless off eBay?

I want to try my hand at tweaking my own settings on my Oticon More HAs without going to my Audiologist. This includes updating my firmware as I’m on 1.3.0 and 1.4.1 is out.

I see that it seems to have gotten easier with wireless programming on modern HAs and you need the NoahLink Wireless device.

I see brand new units going for $185-$250 on eBay and used units for like $125-150.


Then I see all sorts of listings selling them for $120-150 but shipping from China. Example for $137

Are there any gotchas to worry about when buying one off eBay in terms of the unit itself or are they all the same if they list the NoahLink Wireless unit and accompanying USB cable?

Second question is I’m unclear whether I can update firmware wirelessly or if I need cables. The forum posts I’ve found about this day cables are needed but they are about the Oticon OPN and a few years old.

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Used/new/same/sameo for Noahlink Wireless. I would buy the cheapest.

New Oticon More’s can update the firmware using Noahlink Wireless. Just don’t walk away with the hearing aids in your ears while doing a firmware update.

Also you can self-download Oticon Genie2 2022.2.


Fantastic idea, this will save a lot hassle and downtime.

Not really, but just buy from eBay USA sellers for peace of mind, I brought a few from here.

You’ll be good to go with the Noahlink wireless.


If you buy Used, you might need to download the drivers again.

I bought mine brand new but then got a new laptop. The Noahlink Wireless wouldn’t work until I downloaded the drivers again.

I guess the new NH Wireless has the drivers installed in the device and when you connect the first time, it installs.

In Asia, most likely have to buy from China suppliers. Alibaba website is available. Variety of prices. Surf around and decide.
Can Noahlink wireless operate on Windows 7?

Yep it can, but that’s the not minimum requirement, windows 10 now, as they don’t support win7. You can easily update to win10.

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Thank you very for your prompt reply.

I bought one from Amazon.

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The device doesn’t have the drivers installed. Windows has become much better at recognizing devices. Best route, skip anything that comes with the device, and download the latest/install from the manufacturers website.

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Also some fitting software installs the HIMSA drivers to the PC during installation, eg Resound SmartFit does this.

But it will work fine with Windows 7 too, even though it’s not supported.

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I have collected everything we know about this subject into a PDF file named
(04 Noahlink Wireless Instructions For Use)
which you can easily access by clicking any PVC Avatar.


Yes that’s right, I’ve used on a win7 myself…

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I believe all software that supports Noahlink has the required files, Noahlink wireless is plug and play in 95% of the time, it’s always seems to be win11 that sometimes has a problem.

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You don’t need to do this in most cases, so long as you have the correct software (fitting module) it’s plug and play.

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Yes, you should skip anything that comes with the device. Why? Because it happens to come with Malware. See the last page of (04 Noahlink Wireless Instructions For Use ) referenced above.

If you install modern fitting software before you plug in your Noahlink Wireless device you will likely avoid driver problems.