Another one looking for Widex Compass

Hi out there or over there.
Got a pair of Widex Moment and a Noahlink wireless setup on my desk…
What now is urgently missed: Compass…so I#m looking for some advise where to get.
Thank you a lot for helping!

Hi @Oachlkaas
there is a PM for you !
please check your private messages (PM)

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Here’s a link to → How to read DIY School PDF files

Suggested DIY School help files;

  • 02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids
  • Choose Hardware-Programming Device for Widex
  • Fitting Instructions Widex Compass GPS
  • Noahlink Wireless - DIY User Guide
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oh, now I can write an answer…
So it seems I’m gonna need a password for compass - ??

Thank you a lot! Very kind!

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You don’t need a password for Compass GPS. What makes you think a password is required?

Starting compass GPS console I’m asked for initials and password…

Oh Yep, I forgot about the database password. It’s your personal password on your computer. Just enter your own user/password. I enter it once and then use the desktop shortcut the next time which includes then entered password.

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It is not accepted.
Can’t I somewhere create my own?

Yes, uninstall/install/repeat until you get what you want. What you should want is a desktop icon that you click to run Compass GPS and the shortcut already has your user/password embedded.

On second thought, keep whatever password is defaulted.

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Strange, I’ve never been asked to enter my own, it’s automatically generated in standalone on start up.

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just use the auto-generated credentials after the installation finished
Please de-install and re-install the programm.
Then click the desktop icon and a Log in windows opens up
klick on “Log in” button without changing the fields “Initials” and “Password”.



Took me som tome to be back on my desktop…
Thank you all a lot for this very fast and goodwilling support.
Reinstalling led to success - initials and pwd were preset.
So I’m waiting for the proper RICs being ordered to arrive to start fitting my new old Widex moment 440…
i’m happy so far!!

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I updated the DIY School document (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software) to include instructions for using the default user name “ADM” and default password.


I’m facing the same problem again and again. Both of the HAs are connecting with noahlink, one is stable, one is loosing the coonection 3s after and not even left/right can be assigned for this device…
Any idea?

Sounds like could be low battery level or interference, what are the exact models your trying to connect.

MRR2D Moment 440. Battery might be the case, but it is charging like the other…the WIDEX WPT1 doesn’t show any strange behaviour.

Ok so do you program on your ears? because as a experiment, you could try removing them and place them right beside the Noahlink wireless to see if you still have this issue.

It’s right beside Noahlink - 5cm.
I#m always told to switch it off an restart in order to do any further…then it appears again and disappears few seconds after…