Annoying beeping and ComPilot announcement

I recently switched to iPhone 11 and have a 3 year old set of Phonak hearing aids with the ComPilot device. After pairing ComPilot with iPhone, I tried using the Duolingo app for foreign language improvement. Every time I touch a button in the app and even when I don’t do anything, I get the beeping, the “ComPilot on” announcement and the Bluetooth enabled announcement. I checked the iPhone settings and searched Google but can’t find a way to turn that off. It prevents me from using the app effectively.
Any suggestions?

I guess the app doesn’t hold the stream but closes and opens it all the time, per audible or inaudible sound.

I don’t know if there is the option to set compilot to just quietly do what he has to do, maybe that would help.

Maybe @Zebras knows?

I can just tell you that duolingo isn’t worth the trouble. :joy:

click if you want to read more about such apps

Duo is definitely not recommended nor appreciated app amongst the language learners who have a desire to learn the language properly and not just spend several minutes/days on it to say that they’ve tried.

For just cramming useful phrases, I’d recommend memrise. With same caveats as duo about not explaining things enough/at all, but at least it teaches you immediately useful phrases if you visit the country.

But you definitely want a way to get explanations about grammar and such. Duolingo is just a hype. In a stretch case, can be used as vocabulary trainer, but depending on the language you learn, it’s not complete with needed information (eg verb participles), so people just resort to create own decks on anki.

Another tool for cramming complex sentences /words and testing your memory is clozemaster. It’s not intensely gamified, but again, has more serious stuff and search within. Computer generated sounds though. So good after you’ve grasped pronunciation.

But best way for learning language is Youtube - it could have great teachers for your target language, plus Youtube should work smoothly with compilot streaming :slight_smile:
Cramming vocab is just a small part, and utterly useless on its own once you need more complex things than ‘this is a dog’. :wink:

Prior to my current KS9’s I used phonak audeo’s with a com pilot together with what then was the original iPhone se, but at various times prior to the se I’d used android phones, and the female voice of “com pilot on” would happen to me too periodically and drive me crazy. I asked the audiologist to scrap the voice for just beeps where instead of the voice you’d hear 4 beeps, but that was still annoying, as it’d often constantly kind of happen, the signal would drop out with certain apps, then re pair. It having happened with android phones and some of their apps too made me wonder whether it had to do with the different iterations of Bluetooth, but then again it only happened with certain apps. The beeps were certainly less annoying but annoying in any case.

I kind of really thank my lucky stars and Costco, really, at having found Costco and their KS9’s, because even besides the streaming com pilot issue I needed new aids and I didn’t have the cash to splurge another $7k AUD on new aids, and I was happy to see the end of having that constant type thing around my neck and another device (the com pilot) to charge and worry about, which have not been an issue with the $2k AUD KS9’s. The streaming is pretty much seamless.

Ask in all, this probably doesn’t help you much, but one option would be to ask whether the audiologist can move you over from the announcement’s to just beeps. Unfortunately that’s something that the user can’t do themselves at home, but needs to be done by the audiologist at a visit.

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