Android streaming for OpnS 1

Why has Oticon not updated software in the year I have had my OpnS1? Feeling like we Android users have been given the short end of the stick. Why is Oticon so far behind in the technology? I will not carry another, additional device to stream. Any insight?

Hello. What you expect is the impossible. Solution is leaving Oticon and moving to Phonak.

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Tried them. Had issues.

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At this time the only answer for Android users is the connect clip. I even use the connect clip at times with my iPhone. I understand that the Oticon More will connect directly to the newest androids.

The new upcoming Oticon More (next generation after OPN S) is supposed to support ASHA (direct streaming without an intermediate device) for newer Android phones that have ASHA compatibility. I’m not 100% certain but maybe these Android phones need to come with Android 10 and Bluetooth 5.0.

I’m not really sure if the OPN and OPN S can be updated in a new firmware to support ASHA or not.

Yes, ASHA compatibility requires Android 10 or higher and BT5, as well as choice by phone manufacturer to implement. So far limited to recent Samsungs, Google Pixels and OnePlus to best of my knowledge


Using them for 1 month, haven’t got any yet.

I had heard that OPNS could be, but my Audi checked with the Oticon rep and was told no.

So ASHA is not coming to OPN S, right? I need to know because I’m an Android user with ASHA enabled phone. I’m waiting for ASHA for Oticon Xceed (OPN S) but if its not gonna happen then I’ll be forced to move to iPhone.

Not that I have been able to find, almost a year ago it was thought so, but with the new Oticon More aids being announced I now don’t think so, from what I can understand it will be in the new model

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Don’ think so if this is correct.

Not sure what this is really talking about there are a few that will work directly to both MFI and ASHA. At this time at least for my aids, I have to answer my calls either on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Apple Watch and the calls are going to my hearing aids from my iPhone, it is sometimes hard to understand by some that doesn’t understand the Apple mindset. But I have to use the mic that is on my iPhone for me to talk to the other person.

Which is pretty bad logic. We are paying thousands of dollars for this devices which has directional microphones and earphones on them (which makes them perfect for handsfree) but we still need to use phone’s microphone for phone calls.

Even just because or this, i love my Phonak Paradise.

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I for one don’t care about them as handsets, I just want to understand what people or saying to me. The other stuff in a lot of ways just makes for a lot of crap on the hearing aids that are not making much sense.

Just 2 messages ago, you told that you are using your hearing aids as semi-headsets.

There is no crap, we are in 2020. Connectivity means almost everything for people. This is the new standart, you should have start to get used to it.

Connecting my HA to my notebook and phone at the same time, making my phone calls completely handsfree and making my teleconferences on pc by connecting video to tv and talking on my HA is amazing experiences for me.

In this age of technology, we are searching for new ways to improve our experien ce end ease our job. My HA doing this. I hope that you’ll find your solution as well.

(Just a note, I tried Opn S 1 before this and it is almost same experience and quality with my Paradise P90 on default HA funcionalities. But paradise has better connectivity and has better auto mode switch in my oppinion and experience)

I use what they have for me to use, but my only real concern is to understand speech, I didn’t chose my aids for anything but their capability to help me understand speech. Everything else is gravy, even if it is irritating that it does work correctly, as long as the understanding of speech is there then I am happy with that.

I did try Phonak Marvels and I didn’t like the sound. And I walked away from Android, Linux and Microsoft Windows when I retired. I was tired of all of the fighting that I had with device drivers and other issues every time there were updates. I just wanted to have phone calls, text, and some internet. So up on retirement. I went to Apple and I am very happy think you. My wife uses Windows, and Android, and she hates it when I refuse to fix the issues she has with them after updates and upgrades.

“Other” really isn’t very informative. Both Resound and Starkey make hearing aids that are ASHA and mFi compatible.

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I am using Linux and Windows. Yes I agree on Linux but since Windows 10, there is no driver problem or ant problems after updates. Every user has his oen way of experimenting but yours seems like a bit fanaticism for me :sweat_smile:

About HA experience, i can like a device which you haven’t. If you haven’t like the sound of it, then you should just skip it. You are correct about this. HA capabilites should come first.

On the other hand (at least in Turkish market) audi’s does bad fitting to some devices just to sell other one.

As technical capabilities, there is almost bo current devices that come close to Opn S1 and Paradise. There should something wrong (probably) about fitting. Between Marvel and Paradise there is a great gap. Just to let you know. I tried Marvel as well and sound feels like a bit 8bit for me.

We each have to make our own decisions and live with them. I made mine and you yours


I wish the best for everyone that has hearing loss.

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