Alarm clock with pillow shaker which could be triggered by incoming calls

I’m looking for alarm clock with strong pillow shaker, which could also be triggered by cell phone incoming calls…
Sometimes I get calls from work in the nighttime when i’m sleeping, so i’m looking for alarm clock which would start vibrating on incoming calls.
I couldn’t find anything, do you have any idea?

Maybe… I could imagine a bluetooth connected pillow shaker.

“Be alerted to calls or text messages”

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You may have to use two pillow vibrators: one for the alarm and the other for phone calls.

[Silent Call Weather Alert Pillow Vibrator | Signaling & Alerting Devices](http://Silent Call Weather Alert Pillow Vibrator)

[Amplicom Vibration Pad - Pillow Vibrator | Vibrators -](http:// Amplicom Vibration Pad - Pillow Vibrato)

I use a Wake N Shake and it has a plug in the back to plug my iPhone in to alert me.

I’m in the UK tho so not sure if you van get it in the US.

thanks, this seems to be exactly what i’m looking for… there’s a lot of negative reviews about reliability, but those dates back to 2018… i hope they improved alarm since then

Thanks, I’m in EU… This seems to be iphone exclusive?

This is what I use

With this adaptor.

EDIT - I don’t think it only works with iPhone Altho I can’t be sure.

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Interesting, i’ve never seen adapter like this before!
Since this is analog, i assume you aren’t using any specific app on your iphone, it just works out of the box, right?

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No app needed. It just works. I got the adaptor thing off eBay.

Depending how strong vibration you need, I use xiaomi mi band 4, and those mosquito like buzzes definitely wake me up whenever. Android phone. And non xiaomi app, I think it’s called mi band notify or something like that. You can even filter which app, which people to ring or not :slight_smile:

treba mi sta jace, kad se zapijem ne digne me ni ovaj klasicni vibrating pillow sta sad imam.

alright, thanks, i’ll check it out!

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Is that an RJ11 phone connector to waker clock?
Bellman’s clock has RJ11 connector to landlite phone.

Actually, I use that Sonic Bomb.
The shaking is definately heavy enough to get you awake.

I use it with android.

The negative reviews are mostly about the app which is not very userfriendly. However once you know the twists and quirks it is reliably enough for use. I use it to get up on time as well as for waking up when being called or texted during stanby.

This one works well for me. You have to order the shaker as well.

There is a company online that sells alarm clocks and many assistance devices for the hearing impaired/ deaf.