About the KS6 App

I ordered a used iPhone 5 to use with the KS6’s I’ll be trialing soon. The thing I noticed in the Apple Store is the lack of reference to Costco. This is copied from the site.
Kirkland Signature Choice

           <b>By GN Hearing</b>
  • Category: [Medical](https://itunes.apple.com/us/genre/ios-medical/id6020?mt=8)
  • Released: Apr 07, 2015
  • Version: 3.0.0
  • Size: 24.6 MB
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
  • Seller: GN Hearing Care Corporation
  • © GN Hearing Care Corporation

While it doesn’t reference Resound it does reference the corporate name. I hear from clinicians here and in blogs the anger and how manufactures try to back around the fact they do business with big box heathens. This makes it out in the open.

It looks like there is a very specific contract existing between Apple and GN – nothing new-Apple is a control freak. Does make me wonder just what is in such a contract beside controlling the apps.

Anyway, no Costco to be found. It is all Kirkland Signature and GN. Silly geese.

Where did you order the used Iphone? My appointment went great and my fitting is next Tuesday. He told me to bring in my Ipad so we could pair it with the KS6. But my cell phone just died, and it would be great to replace it with an Iphone!

I got it from ebay. You need to know if your provider is CDMA or GSM and get the phone that will work with that network. Mine was rated A for condition and indicated and had an open ESN number (not currently controlled by another provider). Craigslist is also another possibility. I paid $165 for the 5. That was as cheap as I saw; although emcee here got his for $100 on Craigs. The 5c has a better retina display and typically goes for above $200. The 5s is more current/powerful and you can add at least another hundred over the 5c.

I think I jumped through all the needed hoops. Phone should arrive today and I’ll be finding out. It was a pain in the neck making sure all the needed stuff got checked. But I’m not one to pay the Apple premium for new.

As best I can tell, the Kirkland Signature Choice app is identical to the ReSound Smart app (for LiNX HAs) except for the app name and the URL of the web site provided for support. For the former that is ks6userportal.com and for the latter it is www.resound.com/smartapp. And there’s probably an internal difference (for geeks: perhaps generated by a compile-time switch) so that the KS app will talk to the KS6 firmware (probably a compiler switch in that, too) and the RS app to the LiNX firmware. …Similar to the difference in the fitting software used by audis and HISs for the two.

So “By GN Hearing”, rather than, say, “By Costco” seems reasonable. Offhand I don’t see a need, from either Apple’s or GN’s point of view, for GN to have some special App Store contract provision.

I have the K6 and an iPhone 6. I have found that the built in functionality works great and I hardly ever open the Kirkland Signature Choice. The interaction between the two has been better than expected. If anyone ask me I tell them to go with the iPhone 6 if possible to get the best results.

PV, This is the ebay receipt for mine. Mine is (Verizon) 4G Lite or CDMA. The other (AT&T) will be a GSM phone. You need the one that matches your carrier. You want one with a clear ESN. That is the info that allows it to be placed on your network as a clear to use phone.

There are a number of ebay sellers. The iPhone 5 is the least expensive phone that works with the app. Some sellers have bought up used ones from carriers and will be phones that won’t be denied by another carrier. I’d message them to make sure they will work with your carrier without problem. That’ll give you some eBay protection, if there is a problem.

I decided to get an Iphone 6 from Consumer Cellular. I was using them for my Android phone. They also offer a “bring your own Phone” plan where they send you an SIM. They use the AT&T network. Rates start at $10 a month, and they sell call minutes and data plans separately. Check their website for Iphone models and prices.

I agree that the built-in Apple Support is all you really need. It lets you adjust the volume, change the program, and start the Live Listen which lets your Iphone be a remote microphone. The Kirkland Choice lets you change the Bass and Treble too, but it doesn’t have Live Listen.

The Kirkland app does have Live Listen. Been there done that.

I don’t think the live listen is in the app. Isn’t it in the phone’s settings?

Darned if I can find it! Not that I will ever use it, but how do you get to the Live Listen on the Kirkland App?

Goto the screen that has the blue text about your hearing aid. e.g. PV’s hearing aids. Press that text. Scroll down next screen to start live listen.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that Live Listen is an option on the lock screen menu on the app. When you hit the home button three times in succession, a menu screen pops up, and “Start Live Listen” is right at the top of the screen.

I’ve attached a screenshot from my phone.

Wow, I don’t have that on my phone. Must be something misconfigured.

Go into Settings, General, Accessibility, Hearing Aids, and make sure “Control on Lock Screen” is green (on).

Then, with the phone on the lock screen, you can hit the home button three times and bring up that version of the app menu.

It was green but no go. Humm…

Hit the home button three times in succession quickly.

Actually, if you triple-click from any screen on your Iphone or Ipad it will bring up the Hearing Aids control program. The lock screen switch adds the option to do it when your phone is locked.

The Hearing Aids control program is part of AOS., so it would work with any manufacturers aids connected through bluetooth. Right now that is the HALO from Starkey. The Starkey control program looks a lot different than the ReSound one.

well, I have never seen that screen. I have tried every permutation of 3 taps.

It seems that the Bluetooth setup might be munged. I can use the app ok. Getting anything else going doesn’t happen. Can’t get to the 3-tap screen. Can’t find other devices or when it does cannot connect. Failed with desktop computer and tablet. When it does find them it won’t complete the connection.

I’m new to both the iPhone and these Kirkland 6.0 hearing aids, so please bear with me, but I think this may solve your problem.

Slide left to right to unlock the phone, then slide bottom towards top, and look for the AirPlay button. Click on AirPlay. The Hearing Aids must be selected. Then follow the earlier steps to bring up Live Listen.