About the KS6 App

I reinstalled completely. Did away with the app before doing so. Now it work…well, sort of. I can pop up the app now but sometimes it only displays the right volume slider. Something not right in the OS.

well written, well tested software. lol

If you have both an Ipad and a phone, make sure only one of them is powered on when you turn on your hearing aids. I found that if I didn’t, the aids would pair correctly with one device, and also connect with only one ear to the other.
Bluetooth is only supposed to work with one device at a time. Now I make sure my Ipad is powered off if I want to pair with the Iphone, and vice versa.

Yeah, the KS choice was never run other than demo mode – well, you couldn’t. But, it must have inserted itself in the wrong position in the chain. Since I got it to come up, I get some strangeness beside the part load. I also noticed that the right aid vol isn’t the top point. The use as microphone feature is actually inserted by moving down the other features when it does load fully. I think that’s Apples insistence on elegance. I was a KISS kind of programmer. Fewer problems my way.

Also, sometimes when I 3-click, I get something different. It a panel of screens from the loaded programs that can scroll. Also, when I close it, Siri pops up and wants to chat. I am only pressing the darn button but what happens is pot luck.

Am I doing something wrong? I’ve had these brand new Signature K6s for almost a week. First couple days they connected nicely to my iPod Touch 5th Gen. Now the iPod setting/general/accessibility/hearing aids is saying it’s only connect to the Right HA, and I’m getting zero stream of anything through either. I’ve tried powering down/shut down/restart of both iPod and HAs.

Disconnect the devices, turn Bluetooth off and on, and then re-pair the hearing aids. If this doesn’t fix the issue, disconnect the devices and then do a “Reset Network Settings” (under Settings, General, Reset). Re-pair the hearing aids, but wait 2 minutes for the procedure to fully complete before doing any streaming.

Also, before you try to re-pair, click on Forget This Device on your Apple Device screen. That will force the Ipod to pair both aids. When you turn the Aids back on close both doors simultaneously.

I was also having the problem of getting Live Listen to show up. Before I had paired the hearing aids with my iPhone I had downloaded the Choice app, and looking at other threads, this may have been the problem. To fix it, I deleted the Choice app and erased the settings on the iPhone. In General-Accessibility-Hearing Aids-Devices I had it forget the hearing aids (this took several tries). I then paired the hearing aids. After doing so, the Live Listen now shows up on the Hearing Aids native app (accessed by three taps on the home button). It also gives program options, which it did not do before. It appears that if the Choice app is loaded before the hearing aids are paired, it keeps the native Hearing Aids app from properly functioning. With this thread’s help, I was able to find a fix. I had sent an email requesting help about this on the KS6 User Portal, and four days later, I have not heard back from them.