A REFERENCE LIST of SITES selling H.A. online and any advice you have as a result of your experience

I’ve not had good luck with local audiologists and there really aren’t many to choose from - they are mostly just branches of one company - a MONOPOLY which means no competition and therefore customer service lacking.

THERE SEEMS TO BE NOT QUITE A PLETHORA but close – providers/sellers of online hearing aids but I’ve not heard of most of them until I began seriously considering and researching. Thus far It looks like a significant variance of prices and aftercare online as well.

I’ve been toying with the idea of online purchase for some time but the biggest incentive is the cost savings. From what I can tell I can almost get a pair for what it would cost locally for one. Two weeks ago I decided the audiologist I had just wasn’t working and so I decided to take the plunge and purchase online.

With all that in mind – questions abound for me.

To that end - a list of sites and experiences from forum contributors in one place would be a tremendous help. For myself, being as I am a terrible procrastinator I can foresee searching all this out on my own that I might be near death before making a decision - my time would have been wasted (something I’m very good at).

I might have touched on some of this previously but having it compiled succinctly into one discussion would help not just me but anybody in the future wanting to purchase online.

With that in mind, below some suggestions for input.

The site/seller you used and comparative price if you consulted more than one site.

Was the purchase done coordinating with an audiologist who came to your residence to set the whole thing up or was it all remotely done?

What were the terms as far as adjustments? Was there a period of time adjustments were free or was the purchase and adjustments a separate issue?

Do you feel it was a positive or a negative experience overall?

How was customer service - were they responsive?

Will you purchase your next pair online as well and if so would you order from the same site?

From your experience do you have any suggestions of pitfalls to avoid?

Whatever else you wish to add - I MUCH APPRECIATE YOUR INPUT.