A detailed stapedotomy report

Hi guys, I just want to share my Stapedotomy daily reports with you guys. Because I have read many others reports on their surgery and it gave me a good vibes and it helps me alot mentally to prepare for my own. So with this report I hope I can give some of you the same kinda feeling. Cheers

Stapedotomy ( Amsterdam, Thursday 10/09/2020 )

The night before:

22.30 got home from work, I was feeling quite positive and wasn’t nervous at all about the surgery. Ate huge portion of Lasagna as my last meal, and glass of water. Went to bed at 23.30

D Day

I was planned to have the operation at 7.30 am but it was delayed for 30 minutes. So I got there early at 7 am, had my last cup of water at 5 am when I woke up.

After 30 minutes waiting in the waiting room, the nurse called me up and brought me to the resting area, where I had to dress up in a surgery suit, had to take 2 paracetamol and waited there for another 20 min before the surgeon arrived. He came up to me prepared me lil bit, then off we go

8.00 in the surgery room, got the good stuff then I was gone…

10.35 I was still heavy under the anesthesia, blurry vision and maybe only 30% consciousness, realized that the nurse was calling my wife telling that the surgery went perfect, no complication, I was still sleeping and nee to rest for a few hours. Doctor need to see me first before I can go home. After the phone conversation between the nurse and my wife I was gone again for about ahour.

11.30 Woke up , bit of dizziness, drowsy eyes of course from the drugs, but feeling quite good to be honest. Didn’t really feel a lot of pain, Just pressure on my operated ear. Feels like somebody pushing their hand against it. Its was bleeding a little bit for few minutes, no pain tho. the bleeding goes on en off every few hours. Walking was abit uncomfortable, but I think that is mostly coz of the anesthesia. Ate 2 biscuits with jam and Glass of Yogurth, with water between 12-15.00

15.00Doctor came to check, told me operation was a success and hes very happy about it. He checked me out, told me bleeding is normal. He said if the pain and dizziness gets too much tonight, I should call the emergency line. I will see him again in 6 Days to see the progress and take out the filling.

At home

16 – 18.00 HUNGRY … ate 3 bowls of chicken soup and half of pizza I shared with my wife. My appetite is really really high. I feel quite good, got my balance back already, walking is not a problem as long as I keep my head still. HEAD NEEDS TO STAY STILL, OTHERWISE IT WILL GET VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and dizzy. No pain yet, but the pressure feeling on the ear never really go away, its constantly there. Still small bleeding once in an hour or so. Sometimes I could hear this knocking noice from inside my ear, but Im not sure if it’s a real noice or its just in my head.

After dinner seems that I gain my consciousness back, head way more clearer and my mood was better.

Chilled on the sofa the whole evening basically, writing this report, on the phone, and watching TV…Im curious how it’ll develops tonight when Im in bed. Ill take some paracetamol before hitting the bed

23.00 Bed plus 2 paracetamol

Day 2

Woke up at 5.15 because of the alarm that I put the daybefore, for the surgery :confused: but to my surprise I could go back to sleep almost straight away, and finally woke up again at 7.45, and joined my wife and son who were already on the b’fast table.

I have to say I feel pretty good, sleeping was no problem and I also don’t have alot pain or dizziness like many people have experienced. When I got out bed, I could feel the bandage was basically already very loose and there was a bit of liquid in my concha and earlobes, and a lot of dried crusty blood on the lobes en my neck. But again No pain at all, just the pressured feeling like yesterday. Walking was not a problem, no balance problem as long as I keep my head still.

Cup of coffee, Ate a bread and a banana for b’fast without a problem. Called the hospitals to ask about the bandage and the liquid if t’s a normal thing, The will call me back in the end of the morning.

8.45 Wife brings the kid to school, now its time to relax and enjoy the day on the couch :wink: Will update again later in the day

11.00 talked to the nurse at the hospital, she said the bleeding and liquid is normal, if its gets too much dab it dry with a swab. I could take of the bandage during the day and let it “air dry” for a while. Put a new bandage at night before sleep or the bleeding increases.


I had stapendectomies on both ears is 1994. They are both still working pretty well but I have some erosion of the incus which occurs slowly over time. I’m still correctable with hearing aids. I had no issues after the surgery and have been pleased with the overall results over the years. Hope you have an excellent experience.

That is really good to hear… thanks alot for your reply!

Day 2
16-17.00 took a nap, I was feeling very tired my my eyes were kinda drowsy, slept very deep for a hour before my wife woke me up before she had to pick up our son from school.

Woke up from the n ap and the first time I felt the iron test on the right side of my tongut. I have read before that this is normal, so we will see how long this last.

Abit of dizziness in the evening , Im starting hearing my heart beat from my operated ear

Day 3

Didn’t sleep to good last night, took 1 paracetamol before bed last night ( 22.30) woke up a few times at night because of the uncomfortable sleeping position and also my ear kept beating the whole night. Finally woke up at 8 oclock tried to join my family for bfast but I felt very dizzy and went back to bed, took 1 paracetamol again at 8.30 then went back to sleep til 10.00.

Dizziness is worse then yesterday, No pain on the ear tho, just the blocked feeling is geting intense, I just still feel the heart beating rithym on my ear ( non stop), metallic taste on the right side of my mouth/tongue is getting stronger. Walking is a challenge but doable…It seems that loud noises getting may more louder now ( such as vacuum cleaner or extractor hood) Im still positive and lets see what the day will bring…

I had a stepedectomy done on my left ear many years ago (90s?). It’s still going strong and though I now wear hearing aids in both ears, I can hear so much better in my left ear. So much so that recently I’ve been thinking about getting my right ear done. I got a raging infection after the surgery, but antibiotics took care of it.

HI there,
thanks for tour reply, very happy to hear ots still going strong after so long. Can I ask you why you still need HA on the operated ear now?

Day 4

Took 2 paracetamol last night before I went to bed, I slept way better than the night before. But considering that I need to stay on 1 sleeping position I had back pain which kept me awake for a few hours. Woke up around 8, had a yoghurt, muesly and banana for a b’fast without a problem. Dizziness and balance problem still there, tried to go for a walk around the block for 5 minutes but its was already too much for me. Maybe I try too much too early?

Still hearing noises ( hear beat) from my operated ear, but luckily it doesn’t really hurt. Just a numb blocked feeling which is quite unpleasant. Eating become a hassle as I feel like my jaw and ear is popping whenever I take a bite.

Day 5

Slept quite good I have to say, but In the morning I was feeling bad. Definitely the worst morning so far. Dizzy, lightheaded, and walking in the straight line is difficult. Couldn’t stand up for longer than few minutes, I needed to sit down to keep the dizziness level low. Took 2 long naps before 14.00. Called the doctor, he said this is a normal side effect, especially in the morning, dizziness is way more common than in the afternoon. But this should get less in the coming days. I will go to the hospital to get the filling out on Wednesday ( in 2 days ) Cant wait. Tinnitus on my right ear is still there. Bleeding has already stopped.

Day 6

Wow what a difference than yesterday. I feel way better. Dizziness got way less, I could actually walk to the fish store ( 5 min walk) and back without a problem. Of course I couldn’tt walk at a normal pace just yet. I even took care of my son for a few hours when my wife had to work. 1 minus point is: Tinnitus is still there, normally I have this deep low pitch heart pounding noises, but since yesterday Its changing to high pitch noise. And normally I only hear it at night in Bed, but since the operation it has been there constantly, non stop…We’ll see

Tomorrow morning I have appointment with the docter to take the filling out. Im so excited!

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What a journey! How are you doing now?

Hello there! Yeah the doctor took out the packing last wednesday, but to be honest I still cant really hear from the operated ear, if not it got worse now because of the tinnitus i constantly have after the operation. But the doctor told me it is normal, should give it a few weeks until I can see result. I still have clogged blood in my ear that needs to dry/clean out and the wound from the surgery need to heal.

HI Guys, a quick update! It has been now 3 weeks since i had my surgery. First week was uncomfortable, didn’t have a lot of pain, but a lot of dizziness and balance problem. Tinnitus was bad like 24/7. Second week tinnitus was still there, ear is still blocked and still couldn’t hear anything. Dizziness was gone and I could walk like a normal person again. Basically this went on until 2 or 3 days ago, that I started feeling the tinnitus was way calmer and its not 24/7 anymore, only when I think about it. And I also started to feel that my ear kept making this popping noise, and this morning when I woke up for the first time I could hear again from my right ear! Im so happy! Next week will have an appointment with the doctor, and lets see what he says. Ill keep you guys updated. Cheers


Wooohooo this is a great news! Awesome! Congrats!
And don’t think about tinnitus :rofl: