ZOOM streaming problem

I have iPhone. I have a Dell Windows 10 laptop. I have connected my laptop to my phone via bluetooth.
My hearing aids are connected via bluetooth. However, when I join a ZOOM meeting, my hearing aids do not connect. About a month ago when I joined the same ZOOM meeting, my hearing aids connected perfectly. This time nothing. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

What hearing aids do you have?

That’ll help understand your issue.

Turn bluetooth off and on. Choose your hearing aids and verify they are connected. Go to Join a Test Meeting | Zoom and test your connection.

I have K10s. Turned BT on and off, etc. that didn’t help. Disconnected and reconnected and that didn’t help. All worked fine at last meeting but this time nothing.

I have had that problem occasionally with my KS10’s. Jordan S has a good suggestion. You can make sure that you have an audio connection to the PC. Use Youtube or play something. If that’s OK, then in Zoom at the lower left sound control (Mute), make sure that the KS10 is selected.

Are you connecting on a phone call or through the laptop. If it is through the laptop, turn bluetooth off on the phone. If it still doesnt work try some other bluetooth sound source on the laptop.

Make sure the audio settings within zoom reflect that they are routing sound through your hearing aids.
There are two ways to set it up
(1) Use the handsfree profile which will use the hearing aid microphone to capture your voice and route the sound from zoom through your hearing aids. To do this set both microphone and speaker to whatever Phonak hearing aid option is available (it should say handsfree next to Phonak hearing aid).
(2) Use a higher quality audio signal return from your laptop to your hearing aids (A2DP) and your laptop microphone to capture your voice. To do this set your microphone to your laptop microphone and then speaker to Phonak hearing aids (instead of handsfree it should say stereo).
Option 2 is better quality, but be mindful that your voice is being captured by a microphone on your laptop.

I also have KS10 aids. Have you tried the ZOOM meeting test?