Zoom link plus

I am a Pharmacist in very busy setting.
Hands free is a must

The zoom link works great when I visit
Can use as reporter style
how ever I have to pick it up and move it to different spot. For example at register
The have to go to Drive thru. I have to move and it’s not practical
Some one PHONAK RECOMMENDED to wear around neck and and use Omni mode

I considered wearing the transmitter as a watch on my shirt sleeve. Any suggestions

Hi Scott

Have you considered a lapel microphone attached directly to the ComPilot or the Zoom-link? The wire is approximately 2 ft. Long and you can attach it to your sleeve or pocket or with the Zoom-link in your pocket.

Another item that might be worth trying is the Phonak Remote Mic. This is a small clip on Bluetooth microphone. I didn’t have much luck with this item as the mic was omnidirectional and picked up too much background noise.

Again, good luck.

Thanks for The Info
I purchased a Lapel mic from radio shack Seems to be working.
I noticed that the Sound range is very short.
how are you using your your device ?


I was a counselor before I retired last year so I didn’t have a work environment like yours. However, I belonged to several organizations and groups helping people to use HAs. HAs are not effective for noisy or distances from speakers. I really love the ComPilot and FM Zoom-link as you have but do not have much luck in similarly described situations at a window that you have. I think that you should try a directional microphone and I think you will find something better than the Zoom-link in my opinion. I have tried a few and they don’t need to be expensive. You will, however, need to do your homework to find what will work for you. Looking beyond Phonak brand will yield good options for you.

Did you try Harris Communication? They can help but you should talk to a technician to explain your problems. Their website is www.harriscomm.com.

A couple of years ago I found a perfect item for $60. It was a BT reporter mic looks like a pen from Brookstones I found at an airport. Can’t find it online.

I better system than the Phonak lineup is a Pocket Talker with anFM transmitter and receiver coupled to a T-Coil neckloop.

See what Harris has to say then try something with the idea you can return it and try something else.

My icom blue tooth wire broke for a 2 ND time and now the zoom transmitter antenna also needs repair. This becomes very expensive
I see that clearsounds makes a similar system called

Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System

The interesting feature is multiple mics

Have you heard of any feedback on the product