Zoom link plus

I use the Zoom Link Plus

the Problem when at work I need to be hands free. the Reporter Style is ok but Not practical to hold
if I where around around neck the mic is not faced Correctly

I am pharmacist and not in ONE place


I use my Zoom-link on a table in one of the two omnidirectional mics and not in the direct or “reporter” method. Is this not an option for you? Is there a great deal of background noise where you work? This could impact the success of the Zoom-link or phone with ICom. Your Audi might be able to tweak the back ground level of noise as well as self hearing feedback on of yourself when using these technologies.

I have been Leaving it near the register in zoom OR Omni
and bring it to drive thru

Phonak told me to near it around my neck. I have to extend it Enough so I Can point it in the drive thru Opening

I do have plantronic Voyager 500A Bluetooth Base

Can the zoom link transmitter be used with the phones at work with out a blue tooth hub? I have the plantronic Voyager 500A Bluetooth Base and transmits to icom. Is there a better blue tooth hub that some one can recommend? ?

I think you have the feature of the Zoom-link and ICOM backward. The Zoom-link is the FM and microphone transmitter while the ICom plus the MLXi receiver need to be around the neck. The Platronic unit works only with the ICom. You can’t have the Zoom-link and Platronic working simultaneously.