You can use your Android device to stream from your Laptop/PC to your Hearing Aid

Thanks to this app I’ve discovered that I can use just my [Android ] phone to stream from my Windows laptop to my Signia Hearing Aids.
Without using any overpriced streamers from HAs producers.
You can stream from MacOS and Windows, and it will connect to your phone either via wi-fi or usb [costs a premium subscription], Wi-Fi has a ~10ms delay [fine for music and podcasts] while USB has ~0.2ms [good for games and videos].
It works great.

[I know that Phonaks can do it natively via BT Classic, so that info is for any other ASHA enabled HA]


A new MacOS is forthcoming in the next few weeks (days?). It will stream audio directly from the computer to mifi hearing aids. The computer sound will stream via Bluetooth the same way iphones can currently stream audio to mifi hearing aids.

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I’m aware of that. Still, it’s unlikely that Windows and Linux will get that since they’re already moving /moved to LEA.