WS Audiology Opens New Americas Manufacturing and Distribution Center for Signia Hearing Aids

So it seems they have dumped china and chosen Mexico as the place to manufacture for the Americas, very interesting and could well be something we’ll see more off in the future.


This strikes me as being a good move. Less subject to political whims and pressures. Cheaper shipping to the American markets. Heck you might jsut truck a lot of aids.

In my imagination, I imagine an open Cuba as being a good place to build etc., if we could get things back to being friendly between the two countries.

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My past experiencs with Mexican manufactued products was not good. WSA must have total control of this location or jeopardize quality.
I hope that they don’t follow this path with customer service the phone is already hard enough !

that’s a bit vague. Can you elaborate? a personal experience doesn’t necessarily translate to an indictment of an entire country in terms of their manufacturing performance.

there’s a ton of parts and products I use that were manufactured in Mexico that I’m not even aware of. That’s a good thing! We only notice things when they break. I’ve had things that were made in the States break. I don’t draw broad conclusions from that.

I think with things like this, it’s a good indicator of how quickly a product can be received. Turnaround time for repairs could also be lowered without the need for expensive shipping across the pond.

Overall, I see this as a win, and hope that other manufacturers see it in their best interest to keep things like this going. The Americas definitely do benefit from this.

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