Working (and living) abroad where no Lyric providers, what to do?

I am working abroad where there is no Lyric providers.
I wonder if there are contract/buying options;

a) to buy, get it placed/fitted and set from/by a provider and having one spare pair with me when going back abroad. Post one (or pair) back when there is a problem and expect the provider to post me a new one with my settings as soon as they get the not working one (pair). Assuming that I can arrange a doctor to fit (not set) in the country where I work.

b) to buy, fit and set myself in the country where I work. (receive the software and from the provider or manufacturer) Post one (or pair) back when there is a problem and expect the provider to post me a new one with my settings as soon as they get the not working one (pair).

I would love to hear if anybody had or heard something similar to my situation.

Emre, it’s been a couple months since your post - so I don’t know if you found an answer to your questions. I am by no means an expert here, but I did sit with an audiologist a few years back who swore he could fit me with Lyrics. (My own aud-guy was not available, so in desperation I sought advice from a newbie.)

Well, he told me that once the Lyric is placed (deep in the ear canal, right up against the eardrum), it sits there until you need a battery changed. When that time comes - and you better be proactive, going in SOONER rather than waiting for the battery to DIE and then the aid sits like a stone in your ear), you need to go back to the audiologist to have them remove the aid and insert a pair with fresh batteries.

Right away, the deal was a woodchuck to me. Who would risk having a battery die in a device countries away from help?! I think you need a device to even remove & insert the aids. Plus, sitting so deep in the ear canal - at least for me, having had 2 bouts of otiitis - it seemed way too risky. If I was to get an allergic reaction to the aids way in my ear canal, it could be devastating.

Also, my loss profile seems WAY too much for Lyrics! Again, I’m no expert, but I can’t imagine trading off cosmetic looks for poor performance on me. Therefore, I shook hands with the newbie and got hella outta there. When my aud-guy returned to town, I got right in and subsequently was fit with a new pair of ITEs.

I think that “practicality” as well as health & ease of use of these Lyrics has to be measured in the equation before you commit to buying two pairs of them. In fact, BTE (or ITE, as with Oticon Opns) may be a much easier route in the long run.

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Bluejay thanks a lot for sharing !

I hope you got sorted. I almost invested in Lyric but ultimately went with Phonak Nano Ambre and honestly I have no regrets at all. I was in my late 30’s when initially fitted - in 5 yeats 2 people have noticed them if that’s your worry.

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I realise this was nearly a decade ago, but this might help someone, which is why I am spending time doing this. My son has used Lyric since Year 8 and they have been amazing. He just sees the doc every 10 weeks-if he was abroad, he would try to schedule them in. Some countries have them, so it depends where you work. It is not for me to tell anyone else what to use, but the fact he can just be the same as everyone else, for example not have to think about changing batteries/taking them in or out if he’s having a sleepover, make them so worthwhile. I hope this helps someone-he would certainly recommend them.