Work accommodations for hearing loss in retail

What are some possible accommodations that can be given at work, for me I just have a button I wear that says “hearing impaired, I read lips” which is very helpful with masks but my work requires us to use radios, my hearing aids do have telecoil but with the radios I can’t understand what is being said same with the intercom. My team has been good about making sure they face me directly and make sure to get my attention first before speaking.

Do you wear hearing aids? Your loss doesn’t seem consistent with the amount of trouble you are having with hearing people. Have you had speech understanding tests done?

I do and I have, my scores weren’t great. They were in the 80% range @joanhawsey

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Are caption provisions an option for where you work? I’m happy to share several methods if this is possible for you.

I like what you said about your button. I did some night and weekend work in a grocery store while building my startup company. Like you, I wore a button. Because I was customer facing and the company had a good sense of humor, my button said, “a little deaf, a lot friendly.” I used captions there in some cases where customers were very hard to understand, and ASL with a couple signers. It was fun, but the lack of comprehension in many cases was frustrating.

We have to wear bright yellow reflective vests as part of uniform,I’m wondering if I could get one that says Deaf/HoH on the back since trying to understand people or hear them if they are behind me is very difficult.

I used to wear the my buttons on the front and back of my uniform. And the reflective vests I’m sure could be outfitted with either the words or the international symbol for hearing loss. Etsy has decals that are designed for placement on cars that indicate the driver is hard of hearing. Something similar would work well on a vest. If you have trouble finding such decals I can look for some.

Do you have an intermediary device that has a jack output and connect your radio, as an example Oticon has the edumic, I was going to try to do this with my work radio but am trialling another brand now.

I do not my hearing aids are the phonak audeo m30-312T, if there is a device would that be something my work would pay for?

I would ask Phonak if the Compilot would work with the radio you use at work. Sorry only thing I can think of at this moment.

I do have a pair of Tcoil earhooks that may work but the issue is that my HAs are smaller then the coil and I have to position them extremely close to the coil to hear anything, the neck loops also do not work well unless the loop is directly next to my HAs.