With mild noise-induced loss, what CAN'T you hear?

I have a mild form of noise-induced hearing loss. Basically if you know how an audiogram works with noise induced loss, you get a dip at 4khz. My dip at 4khz in my right ear goes down to 30db, my left ear goes down to about 20 db, which my doctor says is so mild it’s not even worth mentioning to me, because the test has a 5db variation, so at best my right ear goes to 25ish db at 4khz, and my left ear at like perhaps 15 to 20 db. I had the hearing test this past Monday and my low end is perfectly normal.
Typically I know people with noise-induced loss have a dip to about 60khz, but thankfully I don’t have that. I can basically hear just about everything I remember hearing, so what am I missing out on? If you can give me a rough estimate because very very low sounds I can still hear, for example my television at a very low volume and the sound of my own respiration with very very soft breathing (in a quiet room of course). Are some things just not going to sound as high-pitched? I had hyperacusis for a few weeks (due to a trauma at a really loud restaurant) which my doc gave me a steroid for due to inflammation in my inner ear, but now my ears feel better and aren’t sensitive to sound anymore, which is great news. Any information is helpful, thanks :slight_smile:

It’s not what you can’t hear, but how you hear it. I have mild hearing loss in my right ear (drops to 25 db at 2 khz), and my left (drops to 20 db at 4 khz) and it has affected me tremendously. You can still hear everything you heard before, but it sounds much softer and much less rich than before. Music also loses some of it’s quality to your ears.

Fortunately, it seems your loss hasn’t affected you as much as mine has. If you don’t mind, can you post your audiogram results here? It helps to have the entire picture when it comes to hearing loss.

Edit: Apparently my left ear hears much better than i thought. The 20 db drop at 4 khz is now at 0 db after a recent test 0_0.

I can still hear birds, but without the aids they sound like I am hearing them from inside the house with the windows closed.

I am more often than not wearing the hearing aids to watch some ty programs and tv movies.

They help in large group settings.

exactly what dippshit said, quality of sound is greatly decreased, although functionality remains.

You will be having more issues comprehending normal speaking voices in a noisy environment (busy restaurant, bar, party) than people with normal hearing (who will have some issues to in a noisy environment too–yours will just be worse). And like a lot of people, your mild hearing loss may come equipped with a serving of denial. :wink: The thing is that the shift is so subtle and slow that day-to-day, you just can’t notice it. It’s like living with a four year old. Yeah, she’s a bit taller today than she was yesterday, but you can’t see it as easily as someone who sees her for the first time in a year.

I recommend taking steps to protect your hearing so you don’t go so quickly down the road so many of us have gone down. Wear hearing protection at loud concerts or similar events with loud amplification (such as wedding receptions) or when using or near power equipment (lawn mowers, saws, noisy vacuum cleaners). Avoid playing music at more than moderate levels. Open air headphones are preferable to earbuds, but don’t set open air headphones louder to overcome ambient noise. Don’t use any headphones at all to listen to sound when doing something loud like mowing the lawn. If you hear some ringing or dulled sound after exposure to loud noise, your body is warning you that you have done some permanent damage that will be cumulative, so heed that warning to take better care of your hearing in the future.

My hearing loss is mild too, I ended up getting the aids because I have another problem which they are supposed to fix called Auditory Processing disorder.
What I notice without the aids is things sound flat.

MY hearing loss is mild to severe. What I have problems hearing is: Women’s voices, at least those women that have either soft voices or those that have high pitched voices, a lot of small children’s voices, birds, crickets, frogs ( which I didn’t realize until I was in Yosemite a few weeks ago),s’s and F’s like sixty and fifty I can’t tell the difference and hearing in a noisy environment. HA has made it better but I still struggle at times.