Wireless doorbell bed shaker and more

I saw this listing and would like to know what folks think about it. Cell Phone Ringer Amplifier & Wireless Doorbell with Bed Shaker - External Ringer for Cell Phone with LED Flasher - Cell Phone Amplifier Speaker & Landline Ring Detection by Serene Innovations.


I wear hearing aids, on my 3rd set. As I tell people, “Me and my hearing aids, we don’t hear too well.” I do not own a cell phone, I use my landline. The base unit includes the answering machine; I do not use voice mail. I have phones in 2 other rooms, paired to the base, it all came as one set. I prefer using email, as I just can’t hear well on my landline, especially if the other person is on a cell phone and moving around. I’ve missed people ringing my doorbell many times. I am sometimes sitting reading in the living room, and do not hear the doorbell.

Seems to be a new item, as I am not seeing any reviews on it as yet.

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Few thoughts:

  1. I know nothing of the device. I’d be skeptical, but if it truly seems to meet your needs and the money isn’t too much of an issue, it MIGHT be worth a try.
  1. I’d be more inclined to look at a store like this https://adcohearing.com/ that specializes in products for hearing impaired. This is not a recommendation for that store. There are likely others, but there are places that specialize and I suspect they could offer more assistance.
  1. I wouldn’t expect somebody with your audiogram to be having quite so much difficulty. Have you seen your audiologist recently? Do they have any recommendations?

Two thoughts:

First, does anybody come to your door that you care to interact with? Where I like that would be rare.

Second, I would rather have a cell phone that connects to my HAs than a land line. That is the setup we have.


I ignore my doorbell unless someone has already let me know they are visiting…

If someone has a reason to ring the bell before 5am, then I suspect they will break my door down because the house will be on fire anyway :o)


I remember when the OPN was launched it worked with Internet of things

I set up a video camera (alert) to a customer. As it turns out it was supper annoying

and within a week my client had me delete this.

This IFTT never really took of, it also some bugs- There is a probably work around to this

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  1. I have the option to ‘test it out,’ it will be sent to me free. So I decided to have it sent, see what it does.

  2. Thanks for the link and info for more help.

  3. Last saw audiologist in Oct 2019, when I got the current pair of hearing aids. Going back though my posts, I see I wrote this in Jan 2022:

I have KS9 hearing aids, and frequency lowering.

I can’t hear my microwave beep, or my toaster / oven. Can’t hear birds or crickets. The world is very quiet. Except for tinnitus. There is always tinnitus to keep me company.

When I speak, I am advised that most of the time I am shouting and need to lower my voice.

I can’t understand what most people say, except in some 1 on 1 situations.

I have no idea if I am getting a benefit from the frequency lowering.

At this point, I am quite cut off from people. I seldom interact with anyone. Can easily go a week not speaking with anyone. Then I’ll go grocery shopping, brief exchanges with folks in the store. I can’t really make out what they are saying to me, and again, I am often told I am shouting. That’s my life, now.

I’d say a visit to the audiologist (or Costco) is long overdue. Your situation might very well improve a lot with reprogramming your hearing aids.

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Yes, on my list for this year.

Well I received the item, can’t use it without a smart phone, so no use for me.

I use this one but it is much more expensive and doesn’t work with IFTTT. IFTTT also will need a phone, this doesn’t.
Maybe this is more what you are looking for.


I use this system. Sits in a cradle with a vibration pad for night time.

Just realised @emile.heilbron uses the same.


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I use the “Geemarc, Wake ‘N’ Shake Curve”… Works well, and it is extremely loud, with the vibrating pad in your pillow, it also flashes, you can set, 1,2, or all 3 alarm features, it also has a USB charging port for your cell phone, I believe, I paid around £50, expensive for an alarm clock, but you get what you pay for… Cheers Kev :wink:

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This seems more to be an alarm clock with shaker. But indeed a pretty nice one for that purpose. With possibility to USB connect f.i. your rechargeable HA’s. Wake'n'Shake CURVE - Geemarc UK

Only thing is that as I understood @Freedom is more looking for a device to get informed for his land- line telephone and the doorbell. Probably also likes to be informed for fire or smoke alarm. Which is not the job of the Geemarc device.

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How do you deal with sirens, i.e. fire/police coming up behind you while driving? Even with my hearing aids in I just don’t hear them. Had two police cars with lights and sirens on my tail the other day, and I hadn’t even known they were coming. I got over fast, but that’s scarey! It’s not the first time I’ve had close encounters of that kind, either. Yikes! Do any of these doodads help with this?


I normally don’t hear the sirens of the emergency vehicles, @gayle, I usually see them, before I hear them, but I am now extra vigilant whilst driving, especially at, Traffic Lights, Junctions & Roundabouts…And yes, whilst daydreaming, I have also had a few frights…

Thank you @emile.heilbron :grin: Cheers Kev :grin: