Wire detached from the receiver(updated)

My previous post included poor descriptions because I wasn’t aware of the terminology. My Phonak HA’s receiver became detached from the wire and it is inoperable. I will send it in to the VA repair facility, but wondered if any one else had problems of similar occurrences? Thanks.

Do NOT send it off… Call your VA AuD. See your other post.

Planning to call Audiologist on Monday. She’s in Oregon though, and I’m in southern Utah until late March. That’s why I thought sending it to Denver was the way to go. Got the new HA’s on May 5th. Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas!

If there’s a VA hospital any where near your location, you should be able to walk-in without an appointment for repairs, such as getting a receiver replaced.

Call first to see what times they do that. For instance, my local VA audiology clinic allows repair walk-ins from 10:30 to 11:30 AM and 2:30 to 3:30 PM.

There’s a VA clinic in damn near every county find the one closest to you call explain your predicament.

I have Phonak hearing aids. The wires on the receiver in canal (RIC) last about two years and then the receiver has to be replaced. I have found them on Amazon for about $85 once you are beyond the warranty.


Never need to buy your own parts or pay for any type of repair for VA aids.

Government offices are closed tomorrow, so I need to call Tuesday. Merry Christmas!

Maybe pay detailed attention to Doc Jake’s advice. He’s a former VA Audiologist giving sincere help and attention to vets.

Yes, planning to follow Doc Jakes advice, and really appreciate the input. I would have done things bass ackwards.

I wonder if having a “leash” on the new wire could help prevent the receiver coming off as easily? While the inch-long leash I have on my Oticon Opn miniRITE RIEs drives me a bit crazy (I need the length adjusted), it does help SUPER in not only seating my power domes, but also removing my aids at day’s end. Instead of yanking on the wire from aid-to-receiver-in-ear, I pull outward on the leash, and voila! Power dome plops right out of my ear canal really easy. Maybe ask about having a leash put on when you get the ear wire re-attached to the receiver? GOOD LUCK in a speedy resolution.

Things like this have convinced me to always have a backup on hand, cuz I have zero margin for error in terms of not having two working aids in my ears at all times.

Try reading the OP posts…

^^^ Re: the OP posts … Do you mean read the Opn posts? In any case, I had to guffaw yesterday, as my aud-guy said do NOT pull on the leash to remove my aids. He says that over time, if I just leave the leash be, it will mold into a perfect curl inside the ear. By yanking my aids out with the leash every night, I was actually undoing that molded fit. Over time, the leash just curled into a corkscrew and then I had to trim it. I got new leashes put on my aids yesterday and will leave them be.

So now I remove my Opns by pulling gently on the EARWIRE as it curves to the front of my ears - not near the mic area, not near the receiver in my ear.

What is the purpose of the leash then?

It’s not a “leash”, it’s an ear lock to help keep the mold in your ear. I’ve personally never cared for them, it is entirely possible to get a mold fit to not need one, you keep pushing them to make it right. In my case, the mold needs to be a wee over-sized and longer than normal, and it grips around a bend in my ear canal very well that way.


To read of the thrilling conclusion to this story, read the other post that I started using the wrong terminology.