Will there be a KS11 soon?

Hi, I’m currently using the KS8’s. I’ve really liked them. But, I need to upgrade. Does anyone know if Costco will have a KS11 coming out anytime soon? If they do, I’d be happy to wait for a little. I hate getting something and having it upgraded the next month. I know Costco is great at returns etc. but I’m not in a big hurry.
It seems they don’t really announce anything, just wondering your opinion if they might be releasing something in the near future.
Thanks for the help!

They do not announce in advance. KS10 came out in April 2021. KS9 came out in August of 2019. By early next year is a reasonable guess. I have no idea who it will be made by.


It’ll be interesting. I talked to a Costco audiologist, and they said they barely get advance warning of an impending release. Like, maybe a week or two before the general public finds out.

My gut feeling is that the KS11 upgrades are likely to be incremental. What I would to see is the Audeo Life (Waterproof) HAs offered at discount white boxed. I do think the white boxed KS10s/P90s are a very sweet deal and make top quality HAs affordable to those who wouldn’t be able to afford premium HAs otherwise as well as those of us (moi) who like to save money, which is why I bought my More 1s on eBay.

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Isn’t the ks a phonak product. If so it might be best to find out when phonak plans to upgrade the paradise. Or for that matter contact Costco

Just a few clarifications for those that haven’t tried to divine Costco tea leaves for as long as I have. KS5 and KS6 were Resound products. I think KS6 was made for iPhone but am not sure about that. KS7 and KS8 were made by Rexton. KS7 did not have bluetooth, but KS8 was made for iPhone. KS9 and KS10 are both made by Sonova, parent company of Phonak. KS10 has similar features to Phonak Paradise, but looks more like a Hansaton aid in appearance. It’s anybody guess who make the KS11. I’m fairly confident it will be made by Sonova, GN, Demant or Sivantos, but it’s possible Costco could strike a deal with somebody else. I think it highly likely it will be rechargeable (or at least have that as an option) and will support some form of Bluetooth. (I highly doubt it will support LE Audio)


I would like to see LE Audio and waterproof myself :nerd_face:

Reality is it will likely be something almost exactly like (if not exactly like) an already manufactured/distributed HA by one of the major mfrs. Some people are pondering if Phonak has a next generation after paradise ready to go soon.

Quest was released in '12
Venture in '14
Belong in '16
Marvel in Nov '18,
Paradise in Aug '20

It would not seem unreasonable for a release in 22 based on that track record, except for Covid and all the minor releases. They have put out Life and the fit and whatever else. I can’t keep track. But all that takes time and resources away from the Next Big Thing™. My crystal ball says not to expect a generational change until '23. So, will the next KS HA be from another mfr than Senova? It becomes a crystal ball rubbing exercise. I better stop there before I get in trouble. :wink:


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Thanks so much for your replies, everyone. I’ll probably hold on for a while and see what happens. You all are great!

…That’s no fun!

KS10 came out in April 2021 so if they stick to their normal 2 year cycle I would expect KS11s to come out in April 2023. Normally they put out request for bids to the various hearing aid companies and then select one so hard to tell in advance who will be doing the KS11.