Widex vs. Starkey

With age my hearing has progressed downward. I have had a couple of pairs of widex small in the ear aids and find I need more strength. One audiologist recommended Starkey in the ear which I would love to have if it would work .and another audiologist felt a Widex behind the ears would be more helpful. I heard that the the Starkey demand more power and the batteries wear out much quicker. These do have a 30 day trial period but I would be most appreciative of anyone"s experience with these little gadgets.

i like the inteo, widex has very good products


Widex is a good brand. I like them. I personally think the new stuff from Starkey is superior. Starkey don’t demand more power than any other brand, nor do the batteries last a shorter period of time. But even if that were true and lets say that Starkey batteries last 5 days versus 7 from Widex. This would translate to about 40 extra batteries a year. This would mean an extra battery cost of $50-$60 per year based on typical battery prices. So if you could hear 25% better, would it be worth that much money to you? For me it would. And like I said, there is really not much variance in battery consumption from one brand to the other.

I’ve fitted Widex and Starkey since 1994, but I stopped fitting Widex in 2000. So I am not up to date practically with Widex, as much as I am Starkey. But their Destiny technology (especially the 1200 and 1600) is REALLY hard to beat. I fitted my grandfather in law recently with some 1600s. He has worn about six sets of aids over the past 20 years (he always buys the latest stuff), and he swears he has not heard so good in 20 years.

I have a danish friend who told me that
the integrated REM was something Widex did a while ago
but it did not seem to work right
is this true?, is the destiny all that?
I have talk to manufacturers from REM equipment and most of them
have reservations. any coments?

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widex has more market share than Starkey

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