Finally arrived today, picked up from audiologist early afternoon so not very long with it.

Oddly don’t own any TV and haven’t for well over a decade; wanted it to replace 3.5mm (and more recently bluetooth via COMDEX) connection to computer and laptop. Easy enough to set up and a little smaller than expected. Not keen on the awkward triangle shape.

First impressions, it’s really nice to have stereo again from more than phone and the transmitter seems strong enough to cover this old victorian terrace without drop out. COMDEX and a few years ago bluetooth headset couldn’t manage it.

Hefty price tag in UK (£275!) but then again I don’t need to wear anything as I opted for RIC this time round with the Evokes as my audiologist had mentioned TV PLAY was in development.

It looks like it the EQ and balance levels are saved across reboots of phone, transmitter, or aids but will check tomorrow as I’m not sure if EQ was saved as well.

Probably more hungry battery wise. I have the zpower battery arrangement and manage a 12-14 hour day without low battery; today
however finally had low battery warning near the 12 ish mark whilst streaming.

Not entirely sure how long was spent streaming today but easily 8 hours if not more. Will have to see how the week goes.

Can’t seem to change to listening to TV PLAY without using the app; not a huge problem but a little annoying.

There is a bit of a delay connection once the TV PLAY detects audio input (anything from two
to ten seconds it seems) initially.


But no lag once the connection is made I assume?


As a note, though I haven’t been in a multi party complex environment with them, I am impressed with the 440 so far.


No lag I’ve perceived from lips; could definitely tell over normal bluetooth no problem… COMDEX was hit and miss with delay, sometimes I could notice it easily other times not so much.

I think at my last appointment I finally settled for Universal Impact and Social for main ones, with music and MT as last two. Certainly helps! Still prefer Roger Pen but hard to compete with a microphone that’s closer to the source you’re interested in :slight_smile:


Don’t need the speech in loud noise?


Not sure I follow sorry! Have the settings to give me most speech on mine and bits like RT/IE speech enhancer on for Impact, and Social; I had tried Party a few months ago but didn’t find it as useful as Social which picked out voices really clearly. Does that make sense?


It does yes. I was referring to the Party program. You find social to be better than party in complex settings like obnoxiously loud restaurants? I’m asking because I don’t want to add two programs that are more or less duplicates. I had already determined to add Music and Impact and was going to add Party as I am often in very crowded/noisy environments along with one other TBD later. But after seeing what you’ve said I think I will add Social as well and compare the two. Have you tried the Quiet and Comfort settings?


I do, I’ve used Party and Social in similar situations but found Social to be better overall, it has drawbacks to Party though; I don’t think the AGC is as fast acting so sudden loud noises are much more pronounced but speech seems to be considerably more punchy and clear despite clattering in the pub and bars I’ve been in recently. Party was my first try and didn’t make a huge amount of difference in the pub so in the majority of cases I’d have the Roger Pen on the table. Opted for Social in place of it to see if there’s a difference; seems to be okay for me from quiet to moderate/obnoxious for maybe 5 person sized table.

I’ve not played around with Quiet or Comfort programmes, but for each of mine I have set up, the audibility is either 3/4 right toward audibility, or entirely to the right. I tried the opposite direction but didn’t find it helped. Obviously all of the above is my take on it and your experiences may differ :slight_smile:

It might be worth having both set up to start with if you have the spare slots; as it’s much easier to compare on the fly than having to revisit to program! As I understand the documentation from Widex, Social and Impact are two new programmes for the Evokes so it may be they’ve done something special with them.


Very helpful, Thanks!!


My biggest problem with this new device is that it does not have an optical out port. Considering new TVs are pretty lousy at sound reproduction, many people purchase a sound bar with it. These hearing aid accessories need to share these connections with other devices.


To be honest, I was slightly concerned based on the instructions, documentation and marketing details failing to mention what the analog input was (3.5mm for the record but documentation doesn’t say this anywhere).

I have a few gripes with it since so I’ll have to list them out!


Please do so I know whether I need one or not.


Oh, I forgot to add, the dumbest thing was the fact that you need your phone in order to access the tv program. There is no other way to enable tv streaming.


It’s been a little over a week since, not entirely sure on the TV PLAY so far. Disclaimer, I don’t use this with a TV, rather between multiple computers.

Battery life with the Z batteries definitely takes a hit, I can quite easily cause low battery to occur at least three hours before bed; I don’t have hard recorded numbers however, but this is also with streaming for at least 8 hours (not necessarily watching TV but conferences, presentations etc). Mixture of work and background radio. Happy to get some hard numbers for anyone who’s interested, I’ll record power-on, time streaming, and time until first battery warning a number of times to get an average for you.

Use of the iPhone app (or native iOS accessibility also) is required to change to TV PLAY program as this cannot be accessed via button control on the Evokes; this shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise to anyone using the Fusion 2 Evokes anyway.

The TV PLAY does have some minimum sound level triggering and will not start streaming below, and will also stop after a timeout period if this is not reached (it only has to be brief beep to count) in ~ 30 seconds. It’s not rare to find some films or YouTubers where for the majority of the video there are no issues but in quiet parts the connection drops (by design from what I can tell).

Connection times once a signal loud enough is detected varies, but usually occurs around 10-15 seconds for both ears to connect. There’s a slight delay in connection for both ears. Nothing terrible but can be annoying if you do have a drop out due to low input volume/quiet moment for longer than the 30 seconds.

The timeout can be worked around if you’re technical/can inject a 20kHz tone at the trigger level into it, as this is far outside the Evoke receivers transducer frequency ranges and pretty inaudible if not. Not a great solution and it would be much easier if Widex could just permit an option in the app to default to “Always Stream” even if no input is detected.

Again disclaimer, I cannot speak for whether this also applies to optical input but would imagine it will do, I’ve no optical gear to hand to test but can arrange if someone wishes to know.

In my instance the shape is actually very awkward and I do wish getting hold of extra brackets was possible but it seems this isn’t the case; unless there’s anyone from Widex lurking who’d like to send me three or four so I can move it securely between computers? This is a niche point in my case as I suspect most people will just leave it attached to the TV or on a surface near.

Range is still more than acceptable and the equaliser settings are saved along with the volume settings so that’s one annoyance I expected but do not have to deal with!

Sound is definitely stereo and it’s been very strange to have that back again (in a direct to ears format that isn’t from my iPhone). Welcomed and seems to be stable, no complaints from me there!

Would I purchase another? I’m not sure. If the timeout is increased or an option is provided for “Always on” then the main issue I have would disappear and my answer would be yes.

Will I keep it? Again I’m not actually sure, it’s an improvement over COMDEX/FMDEX (either via Roger Pen or 3.5mm input) and comes with stereo, but for my situations the streaming trigger annoys me to the point I now intentionally cause beeps to occur if I know I’m in a silent or quiet section of a video or film. I want to say yes here but at the price it’s hard to justify it.

Edit: I forgot to note that with zinc-air (rather than zinc-silver Z-power batteries) I get 4 days vs 6.