Widex TV DEX and a new TV

I just bought a Samsung 6300 Series 6 Smart TV. I tried hooking up my TV DEX to this and I’m very disappointed that it’s not working. I don’t know why. It appears to be in the right slots, but it’s just not working. Is it because of this TV? Appreciate any assistance.


Does the TV have an audio output or just an audio input? I’ve found most new TV’s only have an audio input but for the TV DEX to work, you need an audio output as it needs to bring the audio out into the TV DEX for it to go to your hearing aids.

This is how I understand it and from what I have read. They say that the audio input will only work when you want to attach for example a video player or something else and it brings the sound from the video into the TV to go to the speakers.

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If your new TV does not have a audio out jack, you can use the audio out on a video recorder, DVD recorder or cable box. You may need to get a Y adapter so you can split the line if it is needed elsewhere.

I’m able to get this device to work on the set in the living room because that TV, also a Samsung, is just a regular LED. Mine is digital, and after doing a search on line, I’m realizing that the the out put is an analog sound and with a digital TV, I’ll probably an adapter. Below is what I found when I did a search of the problem to see if anyone else has experienced this:

Q: What happens if my patient has one of those new TV sets that have a digital

audio signal(coaxial/optical) output instead of the standard stereo analog audio

A: One may use a Gefen TV adaptor that converts the digital output to the analog
form. It costs about $60 ( www.gefentv.com).

So…I’m thinking this is what’s causes the problem…not that I’m not hooking it up right. It’s working fine on the other TV but it’s just not happening on the Smart TV. I’m a tad surprised this wasn’t discussed when I was first given my TV Dex…but maybe none of the customers at that time had a digital TV? No idea…

How long have you had your TV DEX as it seems to be a problem with new TV’s or modem TV’s? Most if not all old TV’ work with things like the TV DEX.

I have a series 6. There’s an analogue headphone socket between the aerial and LAN sockets. The addition audio out is via the optical cable or via a HDMI connected device. There’s no separate RCA phono jacks.

I had to buy audio Y cable at Radio Shack and a coupler to connect the TV Dex. There was a single “Audio Out” slot so, according to the Sears person, what I thought were the correct outlets, weren’t. Obviously without the cable, I couldn’t hook up the Dex. Working now and a very nice improvement…

I’m finding the sound in general is not as good as a tube TV and streaming Netflix is still really muted. I’m thinking I may need to buy external speakers for this at some point. I can say that when I buy again, it won’t be another Samsung given the poor audio quality.

Not to go on about this, but I think that’s a fraction unfair. I have the output from the headphone socket run to a Sennheiser cordless headphones and the sound is excellent. The feed from the optical cable is pretty good too: more than that, there’s the option to manually configure the time delay on the sound to match the picture and correct the lip-sync issues you get once the output is amplified.

Hi I have the Widex beyond 440’s and bought a Widex TV-Dex unit I connected everything successfully and was enjoying a stressless TV listening experience and so was my wife then an electrician came to fit a smart meter and turned off the electrics and I can’t get the sound to my hearing aids back on, in the Widex app on my phone it say’s I am connected to the TV-Dex but I’m getting no sound from the TV I have tried and tried but no luck anybody able to help?
I have a Samsung smart TV and the system is connected via a digital to analog convertor and as I said it was working fine until the electrics were turned off