Widex Super 440

Good afternoon. My first thread. Does anyone with the above have problems with the RITE in this model.Since buying these aids(2) in May of 2012 I have had 3 failures in the Left one so far the Right seems OK(probably tempting providence here)Have been back to my provider on each occasion and he has had to send them back to Widex for evaluation and replacement.Apparently Widex do not make the loudspeaker unit that attaches to the earwire,this is supplied by a “specialist” company. 3 failures in 9 months!! not what you would call quality control. The symptons in all 3 change from outright loss of sound to gradual reduction of sound to what is currently happening overloading (harsh rasping on reproduced sounds) I will have to back to my provider for more checks.Any explanation or suggestions gratefully received.

Just found your question, I have exactly the same problem. I have had the Super 440 SP’s on trial since april this year. So far I have had the recievers replaced 5 times on both sides. Yesterday may left aid got problems again only two weeks after I got it back with new receiver. The problem seems to be caused by moisture entering the receiver.

I have tried replacing the nano-care filters very often and I have tried to dry out the aids every night using a drying capsule.

Now I have ordered a Zephyr Dry and Store unit hoping that it will be able to dry out the aids completely.

I really want these HA’s to work because they are fantastic when they work. The sound is crisp and clear and they handle speech in noisy environment better than any other aids I have tried.

Right now I’m also evaluating a pair of Phonak Naida IX S UP. I got them only yesterday so a bit early to conclude. But so far I’m not impressed at all with them.

I’m in Norway, will try to contact the norwegian Widex distributor and ask if they can suggest a solution. Perhaps a redesign of the earmold could fix it?


i just received dual Super 440 RIC S4-VSD model aids and have been using these aids for less than a month. I received the aids a month ago, but both soft earmolds were making my ears sore and it had to be trimmed by the earmold lab. Now it is much better and sounds are much clearer and crisp than my Starkey Destiny 1200 Super Power BTE aids. I have moisture on the aids at the end of the day but the aids are working fine. The receiver in the earmold are the high power version and maybe your aids have less powerful receivers in your molds and they are smaller than my high power version.