Widex Super 440

Is this hearing aid probably the worlds best kept secret!!??!!?
No one is talking about it. Its been released for a while. No reviews. No nothing.
My audiologist says that they cant get hold of it and has no pricing and that Widex are being slow with it. I am seriously thinking about purchasing another brand - fed up of waiting!

…just got them in evaluation. I like them a lot, but the music program needs a lot of work and that is really crucial for me. They are more comfortable than the traditional with the RITE design, and very inconspicuous. Jury still out though…

awesome keep us posted ! Im in UK and not much news on these to be honest
it takes a large 675 battery, is the hearing aid still quite small???

Is there anyone who has tried these hearing aids??? Pro’s or consumers? Does anyone have anything to say about these hearing aids?

I don’t advice you to wait. These are very new aids and you might wait some time to get reiews on them.
Your loss suggest that you are a very good candidate for Oticon Chili. They got good reputation here. If these aids are out in my country I would definitely for for them. I prefer the In canal aids though, and maybe this is why you are also waiting for the Widex Super.

My advise to you is to try the widex clear 440.
I have compared it to phonak audeo s ix and the and my conclusion is that the widex clears give by far the best and most natural hearing for a modest to severe loss.
Possibly the adjustments by the audi have an effect here, i found that apparently the phonaks are much harder to tune.

I will be receiving the Widex Super 440 in 2 weeks…I’ll endeavor to give some feedback.

I will be getting the High Power edition and a hard shell mould with output extender…

They are available in UK now
I think it’s mostly independent dispensers that have them just now then sone of the chains will get them

So what type receiver did you purchase and also what type mold (hard or soft). Did you go with the 440? Let us know if you have any feed back problems, since I understand quite a few HA users had feedback problems with the widex Fusion. It appears there might not be that much of a difference between the Super and the Fusion, except for larger battery in the 440.

Oops - didn’t see this thread so I inadvertently started another … sorree …

I will be getting a hard shell (i currently wear hard shell with my Starkey Davinci PXP). I do rely on a good hard shell fitting or i will get feedback as im in severe-profound category.

It kind of strange that i wear hard shell and do better feedback wise with it. A few years ago, my audi tried to get a good fitting soft shell and i just kept getting feedback, so in desperation she tried a hard shell fitting and said in theory it should do worse than soft shell feedback wise. Incredibly i got no feedback so have stuck with hard shell every since.

BTW: the other reason im going with hard shell is because hard shell can have output extender which supposedly at 1k reasonance (whatever that means) making it sound more natural to someone bought up on linear aids.

Soft shell i understand cannot have output extender but does have the benefit of less leakage.

10 days to go till i get my aid…yay

Well I’m not 5 days into the trial of the Widex Super 440 trial.

I’m severe to profound - so i my fitting would be a little more complex than most people i assume

I have the High Power receiver version, full hard shell clear/transparent tight fit mould with Audibility Extender.

I have a long way to go but here my initial feedback.


The aid itself is pretty small and comfortable as the receiver is in the mould. As the receiver is in the mould, a small part of the middle outside of the mould has a small claptrap which enables easy change of the wire withouth having to change the mould and receiver. Its very smartly done however its an awesome beige colour and marked contrast to the clear mould. I find it a bit disappointing that you go through all this trouble to make the aid less noticeable and then the efforts are ruined by one small kink. Surely they could have chosen a better colour or design.

Anyway - small thing, the sound is more important.

Hearing in quiet environments

Pretty happy for the most part. Most people sound quiet alright, clear and natural however I’ve noticed certain people voices are hoarse. Like they have a slighlty sore throat or something. Its a bit annoying if you speaking to them regularly.

People voices are on the louder side, which i like.

Hearing in noisy environment

Yet to be really tested but i did ok in mild noise at the pub the other day.

Background noise

Ive noticed an ability to pin point directions the sounds are coming from as the aids seem to make some sounds louder on one side as opposed to the other which is kinda cool.

Sounds seem to be on the louder side…It really good at amplifiying softer sounds, like keyboard tapping, computer airvent.


Yet to be test…but watching tv does seem to create a lot of awareness of sounds i may not otherwise have expected…

Hope this helps

Hello I’m from Portugal
I’ve used the super440 for 4 weeks, was not very pleased some sounds, the voices of people seemed robot or hoarse, I went almost every week just to fine tune or correct some programs.
I had major difficulty was to hear the phone, television and radio, the general environment is not bad, I could not listen well to live music.
There is a great evil is that mold is giving a lot of great views, no sweat or moisture resistance.
The unit was returned and told me that was destroyed because it had distortion or something. On April 17 they will give me another super440.
I’m still waiting for a hearing Starkey Wi absolut power (I have severe to profound) experts are awaiting authorization in Spain absolut power to bring forth and Portugal do not know what the delay. Is the delay only to have bluetooth?

Thanks for the initial reviews and I am looking forward to hear some more reviews :slight_smile:

@ Silvestre1985: It is difficult to say what the problem has been with your aids since the sound was so bad. The robotic sound can be caused from anything from wrong programming or feedback to a malfunctioning receiver :confused:

Do you have a hard of soft mold?

Anyway, I hope that the new SUPER440 aids are better or you will get some Starkey aids instead that does the trick :slight_smile:

Yes use the mold shell, it was huge and was not trivial: (
I want to compare wi Starkey and Widex super440.
Widex 440 - 3990 EUR €
Starkey wi - € 2500 euros more or less

Widex has no protection from sweat, moisture or rain.
Starkey has all the protection without the problems of moisture and is only sorry that does not have bluetooth.

Why do you think Starkey Wi has better protection toward sweat, moisture and rain than Widex SUPER440?

My immediate though is that the nano-coated wind/ weather cover in SUPER440 will guard the microphones better with respect to rain and sweat than the corresponding cover in the Starkey Wi RIC HA.

I dont know your hearing loss but you should be aware that the dynamical headroom in the output sound pressure level (OSPL90) in Starkey Wi RIC with ‘absolute power’ and Widex SUPER440 with Super Power (SP) receiver is quite different. The SUPER440 with SP receiver is much more powerfull (about 10-15dB in average) than the Starkey’ ‘absolute power’ receiver. For a user with severe-profound hearing loss this may mean the difference between hearing the amplitude variations in music clearly or the sound is totally smeared out and sounds horrible. The bandwidth of the Starkey Wi RIC with absolute power is in addition about 5000Hz while it in SUPER440 it is about 7400Hz.

SUPER440 does also come in a Power § version that is as powerful as the Starkey Wi RIC absolute power. The advantage of the P version is that the receiver and the mold is much smaller. It is a RIC solution. If your hearing loss is below 90-95dBHL I would recommend this solution.

If you need the extra power and you don’t like SUPER440 you could instead consider a more traditional BTE solution like Oticon Chili or the older Oticon Sumo. Phonak is also strong in very powerful BTE hearing aids.

I hoper this helps you in the hunt for the best HA’s for your hearing loss and good luck with the testing. I look forward to hear more from you :slight_smile:


For me is the 110 to 120 db and the right ear is dead and also Tues liked bicross Phonak, I know it eats the battery in 2 or 3 days and say they sound like and also hate, not worth worth buying now and prefer to wait two or 3 years to have something stronger and less battery consumption.

I’ve tried it but it was the standard wi Starkey, very quietly listened and could hear the words without reading lips, the voices seemed more natural.

I asked the experts and they said they have no protection super440 sweat just because it is corrosive to the hearing.

I heard the very loud super440 but it was not all perfect and had some exaggerations.

Okay, it is excellent that the Starkey aids does the trick for you when you are listening to normal conversation :slight_smile:

The problem for your particular hearing loss with the Starkey Wi hearing aid and other hearing aids with the same output limitation (OSPL90) will be at louder sound environments than normal speech. This could for instance be when you hear a person playing the piano or a guitar or when you are listening to louder conversations. The physical limitation in how high sound levels the receiver can produce will namely imply that sounds above a certain sound pressure level simply cannot be produced by the receiver. This is also the reason why both SUPER440 with Power receiver and Starkey Wi with “absolute power” receiver is recommended for hearing losses below 90-100dB HL.

In other words the only reason why I recommend a more powerful hearing aid to you than the Starkey aids you are considering are that you most likely will be able to have a better hearing in the louder daily life sound environments… The most powerful hearing aids at the moment are (beside SUPER440) BTE hearing aids.

Generally speaking I like the aids

however - the aids seem to have a big issues with making people go ‘hoarse’ like seriously hoarse including my own voice, not just other peoples.

It seems to occur when there are other competing sounds…especially when im in the car but also a cafe and even just outdoors.

It does seem to me the audibility extender program has some problem that causes this hoarseness as opposed to other programs (ie. Master, Music).

This is my only real complaint…for the most part I like it… unfortunately this hoarseness is a major problem and not a small thing.

So if anybody else has experience with this problem and knowledge if it got fixed…im interested to hear about it - anyone?

Lastly Regarding feedback - the claim no feedback that is mentioned in the some of the flyers is definitely an exaggeration. Having said that, i havent really experienced any issue with feedback, that however just may mean i have a good fit.

I always hear the program pattern, were the worst extension audibility and comfort!
TV program was the most fragile because he was always listened to feedback and much too high for example, hear much noise from the computer, the mouse click, the program also listened to music loud but not very well perceived bad quality live music.
It was hard to understand talk to mobile phone, see the television, so the restaurant had not low noise and improve speech!
There was always hoarse voices robot and was not very natural.
This Wednesday I have another Widex Super 440!