Widex Passion

I am confused. My audi is really leaning towards Widex. Can somebody explain the difference between what the new Widex 440 offers and the older Widex Passion line. The Widexusa website was not clear. Also it seems that the Widex aids amplify into 10K is this realistic, does any other aid do this. overall how is the reliability of the product around here Widex does not get a mention as much as Oticon, Phonak and Siemens.
hearing normal to 4K then 35 at 4K, 50 at 6K, 55 at 8k.


Well the true difference can properly only be explained by Widex, but as I understand it mind 440 is based on a new platform as such has new features(zen) some improved features. The old passion is still a great HA, its only if you want/need some of the new features that you should buy the mind version. Regarding the above 10 kHz yes Widex is the only company that has this option, I know that there Mind 440 M-CB has a response above 10kHz, but I not 100% sure of the passion model also is above 10kHz. The reliability of Widex, well it’s bit difficult to state, I personally find there products to be of a high quality, some hear impaired like them a lot and wouldn’t have any things else, some prefers other brands.

The mind 440 is the evolution of the technology availble through all forms of the product, while the Passion is a discrete RIC range. It’s like the Delta/Dual never fitter into the rest of the Oticon portfolio.

IMHO as well, unless you’re really into fractal music, the Mind 330 is more than adequate (and a bit better value) for essetially the same performance as the 440.

Thanks for all your replies. I know there is also a Passion 440 is this is smaller version of the MInd 440?

Essentially, yes. In the RIC form you trade in a few benefits - Telecoil etc for the size compromise.