Widex Moments Sheer Issue

I am new to hearing aids but have needed help with my hearing for about 15 years. Wondering if anyone is having the same issues with their Widex Moments. I went with these hearing aids as my Audiologist said they were the most natural sound and since music is important to me they sound the best.

I’ve had these for about 6 weeks and have had many problems so far. One of them had to be replaced by Widex after one week due to a very frequent and LOUD chrip feedback in one ear. They sent the new one and its still happening. It’s so bad that I tend to not wear them as much as I would otherwise like to. The feedback is random and does not appear to be caused by any movement or position on my part. Then the other one just basically failed and had to be replaced by Widex which I just got a few days ago.

At first my Audiologist has acknowledged that this was very unusual for Widex as they are a good company with well researched and developed products but on my last visit she said that she has had a recent slew of issues with Widex clients due to a bad firmware update that is causing many issues.

I will be going back soon to try to get the feedback issue resolved but to be honest I am not hopeful as they have already replaced both of them so far in just 6 weeks.

Would love to hear if anyone is having similar issues. Thank you!

I have moment 440 but I use a custom mold only have one aid in the right ear. Deaf in left ear I have had no problems just slight feed back if the mold would move out a bit during the day caused by sweat take it out give it a wipe back in good to go
6.0.346 would be the latest firmware
Never used domes as no good for me maybe a mold would be better hope that helped

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The chirp sounds like feedback which tends to sit around 2/3/4k I think. This could be reduced by 2 db, however this could be due to a fit issue. I am not aware of any issues due to an update. I have the Moments & know of 2 others with them, also without any issues. It is usual to sometimes need to try different fit types at the beginning, until they are set up best for you. If you do try a new fit ensure the sensogram & feedback calibration are run every time otherwise the hearing can be distorted.

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Hi and thanks for your reply. I do use domes and I will look into other options. Being a newbie I had no idea fit was so important.

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Thank you for your input. I will talk to the audiologist about those things. Real learning curve with HAs. I had no idea. Guess it’s par for the course in the beginning.

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I was looking in the app to see what version of firmware I have and I couldnt find it. Can you let me know where one finds that info?

Thank you!

Yes no probs
Open widex moment app
Along the bottom look for Menu press that
Then press About
Look down to third item should be H A Firmware Version 6.0.346
The app would normally tell you if you needed to update to latest firmware when you open it if there was a new one…

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Welcome to Hearing Tracker? Another Moments user here. The random chirping definitely sounds like a fitting issue. I can get random chirps when my receiver isn’t as far in as it should be (which is on me!) but all models can get feedback. It’s on the HCP to make the fitting work without feedback.

Fortunately your HCP has many options, feedback settings, domes, etc. If your HCP isn’t up to the task, it won’t make a difference which other brand/model you switch to.

Remember this a journey, getting things dialed in for your needs, preferences, lifestyle.

I can agree with your HCP, if music is a priority. I tried More then Lumity before Moments and they are standouts when it comes to music.


Thank you very much for the reply. I will be following up with my HCP this week and will keep that in mind.