Widex Moment with Sound Assist or different hearing aid

Hello, I’m hoping someone can help me, I am trying new hearing aids and started w ReSounds, but they kept shutting off so i asked the audiologist to get Widex, since those are what i had before. (Evokes) I now have the widex moments, but after one day i went back because sounds were so loud and startling it was hard to function. She adjusted thwm and that part is better, but i can’t hear on my android when answering the phone, so she gave me a sound assist and it is much better, but the voices are distorted. Has anyone else had this problem?
Im ready to go back to my evokes and com dex, its frustrating, i want the HA that automatically adjust like the evokes, but new technology seems to be going a different direction. Im not sure i like it. :sleepy:
Any help would be appreciated

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Have you tried the adjustments from within the App, but it just sounds like you need to go back for some further adjustments, make sure you try Bluetooth streaming at the clinic before leaving to be sure it’s acceptable.

I am ending my trial of the Widex Moment Sheer. I am coming from Resound Ones w/ M&RIE . Had them 3 years and enjoyed them, except for the fact I had three warranty exchanges with them. So, tried Widex and think they are viable replacements. I have an iphone so the problems your running into is not apparent to me.

I think I may go with the new Resound Nexia with M&RIE,

Ensure the set up is right, sometimes a small but significant part can be left out. The fit needs to be right for you, custom is usually best-then the Widex algorithm, sensogram, feedback calibration & hearing aid type and exact vent size selected. The streaming can be affected if any part of this isn’t followed. Sometimes direct streaming can be glitchy. Does it improve if you use the comdex? You can still use this with the Moments. Good luck.

I had same problem with Widex. Way too much power! I went to Oticon for clearer speech and natural sound level; same cost.

I’ve been trying Widex for three weeks now, and so far, they don’t work for me.
The first week was very bad; the left hearing aid was giving feedback.
In the second week, they fitted me with a custom mold, and it improved, but then they were very unbalanced. On the left, I heard too much compared to the right, but then I couldn’t understand well what people were saying.
In the third week, they readjusted them, lowering the left, and now I feel they lack power, and I still can’t understand when people talk. In none of the three adjustments, I have been able to hear well. I am quite disappointed. I hope they have a solution at my next appointment. After that, I will go try Oticon.

Hi Sara,
I have been having similar issues. We have a hereditary loss and every generation has got it so far. We do not hear low tones well. I am starting to lose word recognition whereas my mom has lost a lot.
The sounds and background noises on my new widex moments were awful, so i had them adjusted for those. I dont like that i can’t hear on my cellphone anymore, but found a way around it, they have the “assist sound” its an accessory and it actually works pretty good with my cellphone calls now. I also have a phone dex and com dex. The comdex was perfect for my widex evokes, but wont work w my moments. I was told the phone dex should work, but i will have to see. Ive only had my moments for a week and still not sure because im getting the feedback as well and haven’t got my new mold yet, but they said it should help.
My mom has oticon and does not like them. Its been 2 months for her and she is still getting them adjusted. She said they are ok, but wouldn’t have kept them had she not went over her 30day trial. They said they would work with her on them but made her keep them.

I tried resound and i didnt like those at all and gave them vack the first week. I wish they just made them to adjust to loud sounds and different programs like my evokes. They adjust themselves if there is a noisy room and tone down loud noises.
Hope this helps. Sandi

Hi Sandi,

I’ve been living with Moments for months here. Wearing them I’m listening to streamed music, chatting with my wife beside me, and listening to someone playing cello in the next room while typing this. I’ve taken calls (Android) with no problems. No comdex, no assist device, just straight up Moments. A brief in office see how they are with Evokes sounded just like the Moments.

Everything you’ve been having problems with makes me it seems you have an audiologist problem. Though what your describing is so fundamental to settings it’s hard to believe a HA could miss this up so bad.

I’d start with the app, so you can explore and manage modes, as well as tweak levels. Ultimately, you audi has to reset the gain levels to something useful.


The Moments have a very similar set up to the Evokes. The compression, speech in noise, sound classes all work in a very similar way, they just have a more natural sound. I have used the comdex to stream with my moments to iPhone, same as the Evokes did. If you have a new ear piece/custom tip the sensogram & feedback calibration must be rerun as it will ensure the new fitting is still matched for your hearing loss. What has been described has only happened for me when something hasn’t been selected by the dispenser. You could ask for a fresh set up with the new custom fitting, or ask the dispenser to contact Widex Technical Support for advice. You should hear just as well (and more naturally) with the Moments as with the Evokes.

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Thank you, im wondering now if thats the problem, they fit me w new molds and when i put them in i told them they didnt fit. They told me to try them and come back the next week. By that time my ears were hurting and were starting to form
scabs on the top portion of my ear. She shaved some off and asked me to try again, but leave them out a day so swelling would go down. Needless to say i put my olds molds back in. They came highly recommended, but im not inclined to say they are the best

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Thank you Tiny,
Im finding the widex do have a more natural sound, when im listening to music or a movie while i work, i often ask if anyone else working around me can hear it, because its so natural now.
Thank you

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Hi Chrisbabolat,
I will probably stay w the widex moments, and see if it doesnt get better for me. I think we get used to one and have a hard time switching after that. Im told resound would accommodate my hearing loss better, but they kept unpairirng and i didn’t want to have to deal w that all the time.

Hi tenkan,
I will have to do that this next visit along with giving them back the molds they made. I thought they did all the sound and Bluetooth each time, but when i leave the office, things seem to sound different. Especially the banging of something being set down.

Hi @S_B this may be of use to you.
One of the Widex standard programs is Comfort which is designed specifically to mute down sharp sounds such as loud bangs and yells. I have it installed on my Moment 330s and it definitely helps around toddlers and with clattering crockery in the kitchen.

Thank you Paul, i tend to forget the other programs, my old widex did all the work for me. They toned down loud noises and background sounds.
I have to use the sound assist or use an amplifier on my cell so i can hear w my new ones.
Simple is better sometimes lol.

Thank you again!

I know what you mean-I find once the set up is all correct that I don’t need any different programmes. I found domes made everything louder/clattery. Different ear pieces give different acoustic responses-every time they are fitted a new sensogram & feedback calibration must be run with the new type selected on screen & vent size. Even the vent size being missed off can skew what you are hearing. I had rem performed once with Widex but this didn’t work and it was distorted. The sensogram is the Widex in-situ fitting & aligns with all the software to give the best hearing experience. If you were fine with the Evokes & are hearing less well with the Moments, I would ask to check the set up & if this doesn’t help, ask for Widex Technical to advise. Sometimes dispensers can miss something out or not realise the importance of it. I was told that selecting the vent size doesn’t do anything-it most certainly does. It’s like focusing the binoculars, all the set up ensures the best focus for you & that seems to be not where it should be for you currently. I know it can be very difficult questioning these things but it’s your hearing & fair enough to want to ensure everything is as it should be.

Sorry for the late reply, i dont check my email as often as i should. I appreciate your feedback, my molds from my evokes have large vent in them, the molds they gave me had no vent, they said thos allowed the sound to stay in. I wore them for 2 days because they hurt my ears, i let them know and they asked me to come back and they would do new molds. When i showed up they took my molds and said they were just going to shave them down, they made them too bulky. I said you dont even know what your shaving off. i was told they were still under warranty and they would be replaced

I was a little surprised when i tried the resound they charged my insurance 13,000, do you know why they inflate the price?
Thank you again!!

Hi Paul,
I actually had them do it the forst time, but when i got the new molds the girl wouldnt do it again, she said it would alter the sound too much. I have never heard that before, so the next vosit i told her i needed to send them back if she wasnt going to do it.

That price doesn’t sound right-I would ask them. It’s your money & could be an error.

The moulds should be sent away for remake. You are quite right that filing them down won’t necessarily be in the right place & can also affect the acoustic. I am not sure of your hearing loss but if you had a bigger vent before & this worked well, state you want a vent. Widex do down to a .7mm vent, I have 1mm. This needs to be entered on the software for the acoustic to be right. As you were happy with the Evokes it’s clearly something being missed off in the set up as the Moments work in a very similar way but better. I know it can be very challenging speaking up-but you deserve to hear them as prescribed with correct moulds.

What are you wearing now? You could ask dispenser to contact Widex technical saying the Evokes were great, struggling with Moments & for them to troubleshoot. You need new moulds & therefore new set up. Or can you start afresh with another dispenser. Some don’t realise that the Widex set up is critical to acoustic performance & as it has steps that aren’t done with other brands, they skip them & your sound is distorted. If they follow everything it’s very precise.