Widex Moment firmware update (Nov 2022) - any problems?

I have just received a notice via the Moment app on my iPhone that there is a new firmware update for Widex Moment HAs.
Have anyone on the forum downloaded and applied this update? If yes, were there any problems?

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Hi @paul.cleary.nz
I updated mine around 7th November. I was made aware (Facebook?) that there was an update for the Widex App.
It was only after I applied that, that the app told me I had to update the hearing aids themselves

No problems, went smoothly
Good luck!

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I put in fresh batteries as recommended and kept my hearings aids within a foot of my phone. Did fine. Seems to be working fine with iOS16.

Thanks to @kiki and @wiclifmcc for your replies.
I have now applied the firmware update to my HAs and they are working fine.
I am still using iOS15.1 so must upgrade my 2020 iPhone SE to iOS16.

My iPhone 11 is now running IOS 16.1.1 with no problems during upgrades.
I am more concerned about security than the latest bells and whistles

@wiclifmcc , thank you for the update about iOS 16 supporting the Moment app without problems,