Widex Moment firmware update anyone?

I just got an update, via the app, but I can’t find the release notes anywhere. Maybe I’m just having a Googling problem.

Does anyone know where the notes for the updates would be?

TIA! :grin:

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Widex compass would be the first place to start.

I was forced to update
I had found that only my right hearing aid was connecting for phone calls.
I deleted the app and re-installed to find that I was forced to apply the update before the app would function.
I clicked OK and it updated only the connected hearing aid (it ignored the other)
I then unpaired the hearing aids and re-paired
Then the Moment app updated the left hearing aid
And all was right with the world again.

But any details on why an update was required - I have no idea

No idea why, also on why you were “forced” to update, usually this is optional, well at least all is well now, quite possibly you would find what it was for (most likely bug fixes or improved connection etc) in Compass.

@tenkan The phraseology of the message on the Moment App led me to believe I had to update, and I thought at the time that the connection problem was with the app, whereas it seems to have been a connection problem between the phone and the hearing aids.

I had deleted and reinstalled the app in the first place as the app was showing the left hearing aid as not connected. Both hearing aids were working, but only the right hand side one for phone calls

As long as it keeps working, I’m happy

I went to Google’s Play store website and looked at the details for the Widex Moment app. Here’s what I found:
“Updated on October 30, 2023”
In the What’s New section of the details:
"The latest version provides support for our newest accessory, WIDEX SoundConnect. The SoundConnect is a small USB dongle that allows you to stream sound directly from your laptop or PC to your MOMENT hearing aids in stereo quality.

There’s also a firmware update for your hearing aids which improves the listening experience when using WIDEX TV Play and WIDEX Sound Assist. As always, we’ve fixed a few bugs and made some general improvements."

So basically some changes to enable connection to the new SoundConnect dongle and a firmware update for the HAs to improve connectivity to other Widex dongle types.
Alas, no option to ignore the updates

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I purposefully did not use the Widex Moment app on my iPhone SE (2020) for 7 days after reading the initial postings.
I charged the iPhone and Moment hearing aids all up to 100% and then started up the Moment app on my iPhone with the hearing aids sitting next to it. Update started immediately and went through to 100% on both aids without any problems.
Hearing aids are now working OK as per my settings, can stream to them from my iPhone (Note: I have disabled listening to calls on my hearing aids so can’t comment on this feature).