Widex Moment App with Moment 440 Hearing Aids


I just bought the Widex Moment 440 hearing aids and downloaded the app for Android. There are several programs, including Zen and Pure Sound that are missing. They are not missing in demo mode and when I look at images from Widex and from 3rd party reviews, the app has these programs and the model 440 hearing aids supports them.

Does anyone know why this might be?


It could be that the dispenser needs to select these as additional programmes for you, and then you will have them as options in the app. I can only toggle between what has been set up for me.

Hi Tinkyp,

Yes, I think you’re probably right. I wonder why the company that set up the hearing aids would leave out programs. I like to explore technology and find out through experience what’s best…


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It could be an oversight, but I am sure they will add on those you request. Ask them to let you know what the options are & then you can decide what you’d like to try. Music is usually on there already. Hopefully you can get a visit scheduled to add them in for you. Hope you are getting on well with them. It can help to make notes of any queries you have or anything you notice, to discuss at the next session.

The Widex Moment hearing aids have a fixed number of Widex-issued programs that they can be set up with by the audiologist.
The fixed number varies by the model level of the Moments, for example my Moment 330 can be setup with the standard Universal program + 3 other programs while the Moment 440 can be setup with the standard Universal program + 4 other programs.
My Moment 330s are setup with the following programs: Universal, Puresound, Comfort, Party. I had the Music program but chose to swop it out for the Comfort program.

Yes, I am sure it’s an oversight. I have a consultation next week and will clear this up.

Thank you Paul, that’s good to know. I’ll get the programs that I want set up next week.

Yep - the audiologist is the key. Seems in my experience they always limit what they put in, and the programming so erratic. And so expensive. And user control so, well useless. I have had severe hearing loss for over a decade while living in Vancouver BC, Oregon, Los Angeles, CA and seen ENTs and many different audiologists in each place. For me - it’s crazy. An hour in a box doing the same test which spits out results the are put into the hearing aid and then programmed. I was a composer for TV Film for decades so I am picky. You can’t do this in such a manner. And when I have thrown money at it going for multiple adjustments I wear everyone out. The whole situation is lame and controlled and more about money than helping, IMHO.

Hi Willheim,

Thanks for sharing your experience with me. The audiologist I went to see in San Francisco where I live, wanted to charge me $6800 for the exact same pair of hearing aids I bought online for $2900. And it includes the same warranty, a 60 day return guarantee and a lifetime supply of ear domes and wax filters.
I too am a composer and music producer and have scored for TV, film and games, but working only on my own albums for the past several decades.

I’m going to insist that my app contains all the programs that I paid for, I don’t expect it will be a problem. As far as programming, the online audiologist I used did a very good job, the hearing aids are working extremely well and I mostly forget that they are even there! I now thank my wife for her decision to talk louder :smiley:

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Hi All,

I have a new question. The techie at Direct Hearing was unable to program my hearing aids because we couldn’t figure out how to get the Widex remote link to work. He offered to send me the Noahlink as I am technically facile and he said I can program the hearing aids myself

I went to the Widex website to download the Compass GPS but I cannot find a downloads page. I also noticed that many people on this forum have asked the same question and nobody seems to provide an answer.

Can anybody provide a download link so i can install the Widex Compass sotware on my Windows 10 machine?


@JerryG Please note that the PureSound option only works if you hearing is better than a certain level. In my case my hearing is below that level and so the PureSound option is too quiet to be of any use.
The ideal solution of course, is to have the Universal program good enough that the other options are unneccesary