Widex Moment 440 review

So I just got my first BTE aids, the Widex Moment 440’s and I love them. I have worn aids for over 30 years, starting with CIC and moving up to ITE and have resisted BTE for years. I finally bit the bullet and, after some serious adjustment time, find them to be the best I have worn. I love that I can adjust them with the app and it has an AI engine that you can tell what you are doing (outdoors, dining, watching TV)) and what you want to do (conversation, enjoy the sound, etc.) and it gives you two potential settings to try. One say I was driving in a rainstorm and could barely hear the radio through all the sound of the rain pounding on my car, and I tried the AI setting and poof!, magically I could barely hear the rain and could hear the radio fine. One thing that needs work is the Bluetooth Low Energy, which lets you stream your phone directly without needing a Com-Dex. I was REALLY looking forward to this and find it mediocre at best. One aid or the other drops out quite frequently if I put my phone in my front pants pocket. If I put it in my back pocket it’s terrible. So I fell like the effective range is something like 2 feet. Which is terrible. Not sure that it is Widex’s fault or just the BLE technology.
One other note…I was quite concerned with the noise from the aid brushing up against my very short hair. It is definitely noticeable at time, but mostly not too bad and sometimes don’t hear it at all And I still have issues putting them in, frequently getting feedback and having to adjust them 2 or 3 times. I am used to fitted ITE aids, so I have never used domes.
And finally, I was able to finance them for 18 months with 0% interest! This allowed me to use my HSA money for the entire purchase (I didn’t have $6,000 in the account, so now I only need enough for each month, which is just a few hundred)
Please let me know if anyone has any questions.

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Did you find a solution to the hair brushing up against your aid? I also have that problem with one aid. The same aid gives me constant slight feedback issues.

Can we adjust moment cic with moment app?

I guess only if they are the wireless Bluetooth model,have you tried, it’s easy enough to check?