Widex Moment 440 fit and domes

Just got Widex 440s. So far like the sound but am having trouble with fit in my left ear. This ear only has minor hearing loss. Started with large open dome but it is a hair big and while it doesn’t fall out it also doesn’t really go in far enough. Audiologist switched today to round easywear open. While it seemed better, by late in day started to ache a bit—also seems bit more occluded than fully open. Unfortunately Widex doesn’t have a medium in the open and small goes in a bit far and tickles my ear. Anyone have any suggestions? Are there other brand of domes that fit the 440s that might be in between the small and large open?

I had tried OTC jabra 200s before the Widex and also experienced problems with fit in my left ear.

Very new to HAs and have only had Widex for little over 1 week.

there are three sizes of that open round dome, and for pretty much all of the domes widex makes. Round, round vented, sleeves, tulip etc. All have three sizes. If you liked that large open dome, maybe try the medium in that same dome? Good luck!!!

Hmm. When I looked online, it didn’t appear that the open dome had a medium. Will have to check with audiologist

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I don’t have any experience with this place but in the pic it shows 3 - https://www.hearingaidaccessory.com/shop/domes/widex-domes/

although we might be talking about two different domes, in which case I apologize!! I’m referring to the disc shaped one…but I see now you said “easy wear open” a term which I’m not familiar with!

Hi guys,always use the manufacturers website if possible to get this type information, there’s 3 sizes except for the sleeve type which has 4.

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I wear Starkey domes with my Widex Moment 330 RIC HAs.
They can be fitted, without needing any tweaks, to the physical receivers on the HAs
Check their dome sizes out as I believe they have a greater range of sizes for each dome shape.

In the image above from tenkan, it’s the open one upper left. I’m using the large, but small is too small. Need something in between. Audiologist had me try the round open (top middle), but it seems to cause an ear ache and has too much occlusion.