Widex Moment 220 mRIC-R

I recently purchased these hearing aids, there is a function in the user manual page 22, “Lost Partner” that is to quickly detect the loss of a hearing aid, that my audiologist does not see that it is implemented and cannot activate it. The firmware I have installed is 4.1.63
Has anyone used it or know about it?

You might need the App for that feature?

That’s how Oticon are found, via their App and I’m sure others as well.


I’m already using the app at the moment and there’s nothing about lost partner. in the app what there is is the search by position. Lost partner is more immediate, a warning when communication between headphones is lost

Actually I had this feature on my Evoke models, it’s set up in the compass software, you get a choice of tones or spoken words, the “lost partner” was part of this.

yes, I read it, but it indicated that it was only available for higher models. in the Moment model they must have forgotten this detail. but widex is not responding.

I have this enabled on my Moment 440s (as you already know, it’s one of the features configurable by the programming/setup software and cannot be changed by the phone app). I can’t tell you about availability of the feature per model level but I can comment on how it works in action.

It allows about 2’-3’ distance between the hearing aids before the notification is set off. So when I take them out to put in the charger, I usually get “check partner” in the one still in my ear after I’ve pulled the other out. It’s pretty sensitive and has a time delay of roughly 1-2 seconds before it gives the notification. I haven’t had any false notifications and it seems to work as advertised.

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Thanks for your answer.
Can you tell me what firmware version Moment 440s has installed?
In mine it has 4.1.63 installed

I just checked and I am at 4.1.63 also.

Thanks to you I know that the top of the range has this function installed, the same thing happens with the Evoque model, but in these it was indicated in the manual that only the top of the range had it installed. in the Moment model they indicate that it is in the entire range, but my audiologist cannot find it in the 220.

It’s definitely not available in the lower end models, as seen in the compass software.

Top screenshot is 440.
Bottom is 220.

Thanks for your information.
It is clear, they have adapted the same as the Evoque model, but in their manual they already warned that it is only available for the high range. In the Moment model they describe it in a generic way, which is available for the entire range.
Widex hoax

The COMPASS GPS 3.4 version is valid for the Moment model???

Nope, as stated previously, just use the built-in updater in compass to get the latest version

Thank you all for the comments, they have helped me to solve my search for this function in the Widex Moment 220 model.
It is unfortunate that the Widex company does not comply with the user manual that it publishes and that accompanies the hearing aids.
I have written to Widex Global and Widex Spain, asking about this issue and they have not answered me.
I called a 900 line from Widex Spain, and I got Aural, they are the Widex distributors in Spain, I asked about this issue and recently, after your answers, they told me that it is only available in the 440 model, but they do not respond to what is written in the manual.
It also surprises me that nobody in this forum is in my situation, that is, feeling cheated by Widex.
I lost my left hearing aid a few months ago and it took me 90 minutes to realize it. That’s why seeing this function in Widex Moment 220 made me opt for this brand, and now I see that everything is a lie.

Widex indicates in its information that the Moment 220 model has wind noise reduction, but in Compass GPS I cannot see it. The Moment 440 does have a function for this.
Is the same thing going to happen as the “lost partner”?

Widex Moment 330 does not have wind noise reduction.
Trying to find out what functions are provided for each model of the Moment hearing aids (220, 330, 440) using Widex websites is difficult as a lot of the information is written without saying that it only applies to the 440 model
I found a Widex Moment tech spec document which shows that wind noise reduction is only effectively implemented for the 440 model and not for the 110, 220, 330 models (Tech spec PDF is too big to upload here)

What is clear is that Widex in its advertising and in its manuals misleads the customer. Possibly in the technical specifications it tells the truth, but it is not reliable.

The Widex Moment tech specs can be found on

Widex Pro Webite Datasheets

Technical specifications for WIDEX MOMENT MINI RIC RECHARGEABLE

Smartwind Manager only for Widex Moment 440