Widex evoke receivers

Hello my evoke 440 F2 RIC hearing aids have just arrived and I have programmed them and all is working great, I can’t wait to try them out at a restaurant to see how much better they are than my dream 440s. I have a question about the receivers I telephoned to widex here in Czech and they informed me that the receivers for my new HAs are the V2 new types and I asked if the old type would fit and they replied that the connectors are different. As I did not have a v2 Power receiver I unplugged the receiver which had been supplied and found that the old one from my dream fits and works just fine, so my question is whether the evoke use V2 or the old receivers and what is the difference, thanks in advance for your attention

I think it’s the moments and evoke rechargeable that use different plugs 3 pin which is the V.2 , the battery evokes use the same 2 pin as previous models as you have noticed.

Thank you, so the V2 has three pins on the connector, I did not realise (I wonder what the third pin is for?)

Possibly Dedicated Bluetooth antenna.

could be, these evoke F2 have BT though

Yes this why I think V.2 is a dedicated one, the 2 pin was shared.

aha right I am with you thanks

Most 3 wire receivers use the other wire to centre tap the coil to drive it harder for higher output from the balance armature reed.

I would think that there’s some risks of breakthrough in using it as an aerial, but they might have it very well suppressed.