Widex Com-Dex problem with Samsung S6

Dear comunity,

I have bought a Widex Com-Dex Device, it pairs ok via bluetooth but when it pairs it resets to principal program whenever I get a message or whenever I press a phone button (Samsung S6 Edge).

I tried it with other borrowed Android cells, a Sony and a Huawei and it works fine, but with other Samsung cells it acts the same way. ¿Does anyone has a solution for this problem?


I’ve got a Samsung Note 4, and my Com-Dex seems to work fine. There ARE some idiosyncrasies with it though. For me, the most annoying thing is that when on a call, I have to adjust the bluetooth volume on the phone. Volume adjustments on the aids themselves does nothing except beep (mine are programmed to change both program and volume via long or short press on the button). Oh, and if I turn my head too much while on a call, sometimes one or the other aid drops out until I turn my head back in a generally forward direction. Other than that, it seems to work fine. Are you using the Com-Dex app? I used that one when I was trialing hearing aids (Widex Unique) and it seemed to work , but I ended up getting the Widex Beyonds, and they have their own app.

Thanks Dow for your kind answer.

I am using Com-Dex app with Com-Dex device, my hearing aids are passion 440. I do not know what Beyonds is.


What’s happening is when you press a button on your phone or get a notification, the sound is sent to the COM-DEX which triggers the streaming program in your hearing aids. But the program drops out quickly because there’s no further input and the aids return to Program 1. You can disable keypad sounds using the Settings menu on your S6 Edge. For notifications, you’ll have to go to each individual app.

Dear Rasmus_Braun, Thanks for your answer!

Can you explain to me what is the “streaming program” in the hearing aids? I can disable keypad sounds, no problem, but should I also disable each app notification? Do you know why is this not an issue with other phones?

Thanks so much in advance for your kind answer and time!

It’s just the special mode that your hearing aids are in when you receive an audio stream from the COM-DEX. When streaming stops, the hearing aids return to Program 1 even if you were in a different program when streaming first started. Yes, you’ll need to go through your apps in order to figure out which one is generating the notification tones.

Thanks a lot, very kind of you.

Rgs, Gustavo


Sorry to be so late in following up, I’m used to having instant notification on threads that I’ve commented on, and maybe I need to change something in the settings of the new forum. Anyway, you might look at the bluetooth settings for your com-dex (Android: Settings, Connections, bluetooth, com-dex, or something like that). My note4 has two “profiles” in there for the Com-dex, one for call audio and one for media audio. I keep the media audio turned off unless I’m specifically listenning to something on the phone other than a phone call. That seems to help a lot. I hope this helps.

Excelent! Thanks so much!