Widex Com-Dex App issues (android)

I’m trying out a pair of unique fusion 330’s and a com-dex. So far I really like them, except for one thing. If I move out of range from my cell phone (Galaxy Note 4) and then back in range, sometimes the com-dex app starts reporting the com-dex as disconnected and won’t reconnect. The com-dex unit itself will reconnect, and the streaming functionality is still there. the phone rings in my aids, I can answer and hang up the phone with the button, and talk over them, I can stream music to them, all that stuff works fine. The app just won’t reconnect to the com-dex device, so I can’t control the aids from the app. This means that I can’t adjust the volume, choose direction, check battery stats, or anything having to do with the app. In order to get that connectivity back, I have to put my phone into airplane mode, kill the app, take the phone out of airplane mode, connect back to the com-dex device from the bluetooth menu, and restart the app. Then SOMETIMES I can reconnect the app to the device.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, have you found a solution?