Widex clear 440

What are differences about clear 440 RIC and clear 440 cic? What shoud i choose it?

RIC = Receiver (Speaker) In the Canal i.e. you have a small hearing aid that sits on top of the ear and a thin wire going to a small dome that fits inside the ear. I have the Clear 44 RIC.

CIC = Completely In the Canal
The whole hearing aid sits inside the ear canal.

As far as I was aware the Clear 440 only comes in RIC and BTE (Behind the Ear with a big tube going to your ear) and is not available as CIC.

I have the Widex Compass software installed for home programming and it does not list a CIC aid to connect to.

The Clear 440 does come in both RIC and CIC, though the CIC is not available eveywhere (not in Australia yet!). Will probably have software update when the CIC goes live. The choice between RIC and CIC will depend on your hearing thresholds (for slsping high frequency losses RIC’s are preferred, cosmetics though both are very tiny, and ear canal dimensions, if you have a very small canal then you may not be suitable for a CIC. Overall i’d recommend the RIC over a CIC. Gary how are your Clear 440’s going?



I’m new to this board. My audiologist in LA originally told me the Clear CIC’s would be available in September of 2010, then December of 2010, and now, because of FDA delays, who knows when. Is it possible to buy a Clear CIC overseas? Does anyone know where one would go to get one?

Yes. I could sell it to you, but you’d be stuffed for programming, servicing and re-hab help. So it’s difficult. TBH, you’d be better waiting until they come out locally.

It’s a very good product BTW.

EDIt: re-reading that, it sounds like a pitch: it isn’t, I fully recommend you get the product locally.