Widex Clear 440

Hi all,

I’ve been waiting to replace my Widex Senso’s with one of the new bluetooth-capable, advanced wireless hearing technologies.

I’ve just been reading about Widex’s new offering the Clear 440. Anyone with an opinion on these? Are they going to be better than the Phonak or Oticon offerings or just at par?

Any thoughts on the idea of buying into a just-released, first-generation model? I wouldn’t do it with a new car and these things cost nearly as much (well, close anyway). . .


Hi Chris

The clear 440 looks a very cool hearing aid… the main differences between the wireless aspect of the clear and the others is that you dont have to have anything worn round your neck and the M-DEX is a remote control/ wireless accessory all in one! As you are a Senso user it would be difficult for you to move to another manufacturer due to Widex’s unique sound… I have fitted a couple of pairs of Oticon Agils and the clients love them but I am looking forward to the Clear being launched also. Hope this helps

I don’t understand this Widex unique sound stuff. I started with In-the-Canal Senso Diva’s 8 years ago, wore them for about 3 years, then moved to America Hears Freedom 16’s with no issues. I subsequently moved to open fit GN ReSound Pulse’s and currently Live 9’s, and other than the usual adjustment period for an experienced user, have had no issues.

What is it about Widex that’s allegedly unique?:confused:

Hi Jay-Man

Widex are renowned for having a very soft comfortable sounding processing strategy that wearers find pleasant and in particular Senso wearers. In my experience and others on this forum it is notoriously difficult to move Widex users onto something else… you have managed to do so which is great but I can only go with the experience that I an others have had.

This is true, however there is a trade off- you sacrifice speech understanding.

I am currently taking advantage of the trial period for Widex’s Mind 440 and continuing my research of different HA’s. The Widex Clear 440 sounds very interesting. Does anyone have an idea as to how soon the Clear will be offered in the USA? And second, I am only about 2 weeks in to the trial and realize there is and adjustment period. To this point everything is amplified but speech does not neccessarily seem any clearer. Is this part of the adjustment period, programming, or possibly the trade-off that “xbulder” is reffering to?

I dont know when it is launched in the States but more details can now be found on www.widex.pro
Give Widex USA a call for a launch date.


My audiologist told me her Widex rep said it will be released in October.

The speech clarity of my older Widex Inteo’s is zero compared to my new Oticon Agils.

Speech Guard feature in Agil is very impressive…:smiley:

The Clear 440 is in some European countries but not in the US yet. I think it has to be approved before entering the US. skippy