Widex beyond programming

Given that Widex Beyond aids are iphone compatible, does it mean that I can use NoahLink to program them? I could program Opn with NoahLink, now am thinking of purchasing Beyond, and it is just programming that makes me somewhat reluctant. I prefer do self programming and have NoahLink to do it.

First of all it is difficult to determine which programming device you are talking about (NOAHlink or Noahlink Wireless? Click this link;

Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless

I think you are asking about Noahlink Wireless. Widex Compass GPS fitting software does not support Noahlink Wireless. For some reason Widex has chosen to shun the industry standard Noahlink Wireless fitting device, and use their proprietary wireless fitting device (USB Link) instead. This may change in the future because Widex has since merged with Sivantos/Signia.
See Why can’t I select HIPRO or NOAHLink as an interface in Compass GPS?

Well, that’s they way I interpret it. Though it’s not exactly “straight-forwardly” described by Widex.

NoahLink Wireless says Widex is 'under development. Just because the HA has Bluetooth does not mean that it is programable via wireless.


You could email Widex and Noahlink and maybe find out for sure.

That is too-little, too-late, (probably a left-over) “under development status”. They don’t intend to develop it! Besides they are merged now. So maybe someone else will set future development direction.

Sorry to be such a stickler about names. We should be careful about confusing the names when we talk about Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless.

For example; you can’t email Noahlink. Instead you could email GN ReSound who manufactures the Airlink 2 wireless programing device (a.k.a. Noahlink Wireless) because it is same device. That is, after you apply a firmware update to Airlink 2, it becomes a Noahlink Wireless programming device. The Firmware update enables Airlink 2 to recognize other (non GN ReSound hearing aids).

Scroll down to the bottom of this Airlink 2 link to find the Firmware updater and documentation.

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Whew! Did I get all the names correct? I think I did :wink:

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