Widex and Bluetooth Devices Sennheiser BT100

I’ve got Widex Moment and am looking for a better streaming solution for multiple devices and the Sennheiser BT100 seemed to be a good solution. I tried it after seeing a video with a Phonak user getting them to pair without a problem, but it won’t pair with my aids (or my husband’s widex moment sheer). Anyone have any success with aids other than Phonak with the BT100? Or have Widex and are able to pair with non-aid specific BT streaming devices? Thanks

Widex Moment only pairs with MFi (iPhone), ASHA (Android 10+), and their own branded accessories. The Widex TV Play is designed for that application.

With your mild/moderate HL, though, I think a decent sound bar will be more satisfying; while speech intelligibility will be good with the TV Play, Widex Moment streaming on open dome fittings is going to be seriously bass-deficient.

I’ve tried both. Even my relatively inexpensive VIZIO V21-H9 sound bar sounds better than HA streaming through the TV Play, though with far less dialog emphasis. However, if dialog is paramount, then the Play may still be your solution.

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I’m looking to avoid headphones in situations where I would normally use them (not watching TV). I have tv play and although it can be used for things other than tv, it’s not good so I gave up on it, and the streaming from iphone is also not good. I was hoping Sennheiser, which is an OK audio brand, would be better. I am wondering why Widex limits the ability to pair (or how they do that) when Phonak apparently does not. It’s disappointing

I have found this to be the best bluetooth transmitter and I have a drawer full of unused one, don’t know if it will work with Widex :


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Thanks for the info, it looks like it has some good features. I found a “bluetooth connectivity support team” phone number for Widex and will try them tomorrow to see if they have any useful info too

with the display window, you are able to see what you are connecting to. And it saves a many different parings.

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In a nutshell:
Phonak utilizes BT Classic, which can connect to any BT device.
Widex, Oticon, Starkey, etc all use MFI which is IOS only, and ASHA for android, as was pointed out by @mikehoopes

The reason BT Classic is not supported is due to power requirements.
When the day finally arrives that BT LE Audio is supported all devices will be able to connect, but that’s gonna be a long wait for the HOH community.


thank you for the clarification

Wireless headphones and earphones that utilize Mimi Sound Personalization might be a good option. https://mimi.io/partners/products

Is Mimi Sound Personalization similar to inputting an audiogram and then using Airpods or similar?