Why are my FB messenger and Whats app calls not coming through to my Connectline streamer Pro 1.3A?

Hi I’m brand new to this forum and the streamer pro as of yesterday. My name is Gilly and I have everything working perfectly but have one question about calls.
My phone calls come through the to streamer beautifully and it’s amazing to be able to hear so clearly but my question is this. Is it possible for me to take FB messenger and Whats app calls via the streamer as I can’t get that to work. The phone rings, the streamer bleeps as expected and the phone button lights up but when I click to answer the call nothing comes through, the phone keeps ringing out the call and I can only answer it via the phone. I’m using a Huawei P20 running Android 9 all up to date. I’ve checked my bluetooth settings and all 3 options for calls and contacts under the streamer settings are toggled on. I can’t find anything by Googling or on here already and am wondering if it’s possible and I’m missing something or if it’s not something you can do on this one. My husband has a BAHA and clip and his takes all calls so I’d like to find out if I can get this to work. Many thanks everyone and it’s nice to be here with you all.
I’ve just done some more tests and I can make an outgoing FB messenger call via my streamer just fine, but not incoming. When I rang my daughter on Whatsapp as a test I heard a lady say that the internet connection wasn’t strong enough. But my husband just called me on Whats app and it did come through my streamer this time!! But when my sister called it didn’t come through on either FB or Whatsapp calls. Any ideas, I’m pretty techy but I’m stumped here.

Have you tried checking your internet speed? If the WiFi is glitchy it may not be giving enough strength when it goes to connect. I use Widex ITEs with a com-dex and assume it’s a similar set up whereby it allows you to stream direct in to hearing aids. It can be so annoying trying to work out what the problem is, mine is usually software update (iPhone) or poor wifi.

Hi @tinkyp thanks for the reply. I’ve just tested my speed on my phone and it’s 42mg, I’m on fibre and currently the only one home so I don’t think it’s a speed issue but I am wondering if it’s because those messengers use VOIP, I believe anyway as opposed to 4g or wifi calling.
My calls to and from my actual phone dialler are perfect.

My Phonak Compilot2 streamer has setting that allow it to answer calls or not. These settings have to be done in the Phonak Target software by the hearing aid fitter.

Not sure if this is your issue but might be.

I wish my speed was that fast! It may also be worth reinstalling the apps and switching the phone on & off. I stopped being able to stream Spotify recently. By removing & reinstalling it, it streamed through the com-dex again. Or it’s between updates & I have to wait for next update but that’s an iPhone thing. It may be worth seeing if they have on-line chat on the streaming device as it sounds like you are on top of the normal tech things.

Hi @Raudrive I don’t think it is as my phone calls on the normal dialler go out and come in perfectly. If I can’t suss it out I will ask my audiologist next visit though. It’s just the 2 messengers calls I’m having issues with.

Thanks @tinkyp I will give that a try, removing and reinstalling, I’ll also check for updates later too. I’m also trying turning off mobile data on my phone to see if that makes any difference. I’m sure it has to be something along those lines as sometimes it works when I call out on those messengers and sometimes when someone calls me on them so I feel it’s more a continuity thing than a ‘it just won’t do it thing’.

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Ok quick update. I did remove the apps and reinstall etc last night. I can now make calls from both FB and Whatsapp, but when I get one incoming the streamer light flashes (phone), I have to press answer on the phone too, and then I briefly hear the caller say hello but the I get an American ladies voice come up and say ‘this connection is not reliable enough to take the call’. So it is something to do with that aspect it seems but I can’t understand why as I have very good fibre connection here.

It may be worth trying to do it using someone else’s WiFi ie when you’re out-then you know if it’s your WiFi or not.

Good idea @tinkyp. Very strange though that everything else streams perfectly but not those two messengers, plus I can call out on them via the streamer. I’ll do that though thanks.

It is odd and annoying I am sure. The other thing I had questioned when my com-dex had issues, was the Bluetooth strength in the phone. Apparently sometimes that can be not performing correctly. It just became a bit of a battle of trying everything in all different circumstances to try and narrow it down/solve it!

You could be right it could be that. I tried it in the car earlier on 4G and it didn’t come through. Will keep trying it different places and see what I come up with! Thanks so much for your help @tinkyp. I knew this forum would be helpful. :slight_smile:

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Update! It is deffo a signal issue as I was in Asda the other day when my Dad rang me on Whatsapp, I answered and realised it was coming through the streamer to my ears!! So I guess it depends on where I am as to whether that will work. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!


Ah that’s great, it’s so difficult trying to work out the cause of these things. Glad you worked it out, Happy New Year!

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Thanks @tinkyp :slight_smile: I hope this new year will be kind to us all.