Why are hearing aids so bad at streaming music?

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Well, I have a Phonak Brio 5, Costco brand, and let me tell you; from In my own experience, your statement doesn’t apply to me. I use an iPhone SE 2022, and Apple Music delivers lossless even over cellular streaming. I have an automatic Dolby Atmos for any connection. Pretty much I am satisfied with the quality of my HAIDs streaming music and phone calls.

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My favorite music streaming “kit” includes my Phonak TV Connector plugged into a Goal Zero flip 12 power bank and an Astell&Kern music system. Yes, it’s a lapful when on the plane.

Plan B for workouts at home is to just stream my Phonak aids directly to my One+ Android phone. It sounds pretty good to ME. But then I have cinderblock ears, so everything is relative.

As Volusiano mentions: perfect SEAL is key to really rich sound. Lucky folks without my kind of hearing loss can take their aids out and just use really good ear buds. But me? The sound would be SO LOUD the pilot would tell me to “PIPE DOWN OUT THERE!”

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I run into that even with custome molds. My loss is bad enough that my gains, specially on my bad ear, can be heard by others around me.


I knew that, but our comments are qualitatively different. There is non-compliance because of ignorance of the guidelines and then there is non-compliance because of respect to the guidelines. Another way to say this is that, ultimately, my intervention should make us all follow the guidelines while his will not.

Crikey what gives here?
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Like your for real !


Actually your post was totally off subject while Spuds was on target and I think he just was emphasizing a thumbs up.
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To close off this subject, your picture of your underarm is very unappealing.


@maggie07: Exactly, maggie … Exactly!

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Quite possible is an understatement, ha. I was mistreated by Spud, but you’re right, I’ll let bygones be bygones. My reasoning is the following. I won’t bully poor Spud anymore, not because I don’t want to come accross as arrogant and not because I want you to like me—I don’t derive much pleasure from being liked in a random forum on the internet—but only because I’m not having fun without a worthy adversary in this fight I have been pulled into.

What’s wrong with my underarm?

All good, fantastic we can now discuss the issue at hand.

I still think that the OP just needs some further adjustments, I’ve had to make quite a few on a number of different brands to get where I think the music sounds pretty good, not perfect but good enough for me to sing along.

Hearing aids ‘use the same drivers’……

Yes, mechanically the same/similar but:

Different impedance - hearing aid drivers are designed to minimise current use.
Different voltage; operating at 1.2v gives considerable limitations.
Different peak output design - maximising speech around 2.6KHz to emulate canal resonance and also be most effective for speech intelligibility.
Some Audio drivers also use two or more receiver units with different resonant peaks; just like a multi transducer speaker with crossovers.

The same technology underpins a standard Ford truck and my SL; I know which one speeds up and slows down better though.


@Um_bongo: Thanks for explaining this - I was left scratching my head when I read that the transducers were the same in HAs and IEMs!

(Pray tell - what’s an SL? Are you referring to the Mercedes Sportster?)

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Yes 2002 500 V8.

My Summer vehicle.


I use cotton balls. I can then kind of adjust how much occlusion I want for the sound I like.
I am very happy with the sound I get with my P90s. It does take some tweaking of the app adjustments and adjusting the cotton but I can really get pleasing results with music played at low volumes.

@texaco24.9: I just tried the cotton balls, but it cuts down the volume of my hearing aids to almost nothing. Also, there’s barely room in my ear canals for the molds to fit in, once the cotton is in there…

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I’m using open domes and put the cotton in behind the domes.

@texaco24.9: :hushed: Oh … okay :+1:t2:.

I noted in post 14 the earrplugs are inserted behind the Dome/mold, whereas @texaco24.9 uses cotton balls.
Either will work, since the Hearos are foam, so can be shaped.

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