White bubbles in my hearing aid tube


Hi i have a slight problem with my right ear hearing aid ( picture attached )FEF52EDE-87E7-47B2-8295-C8470BBE1AC4 when i was cleaning it a short while i noticed what looks like white bubbles in it and although i cant get the tube off i tried putting the wire in it to try and see if i could pull it out and i couldn’t is it just moisture and if so will putting in my dryer get rid of it or do i need to go to provider and get them to change the tube if anyone could help i would be grateful as the sounds is currently a bit dull from my right aid which is why i went to clean it in the first place



Looks like condensation. Yes, I get that.
Suck it out. Or rather, blow it out, that’s what I do.
You can get little rubber bulb puffers to clean tubing but I just use my mouth.

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Did you say you couldn’t get the tube off?

Most screw off, lefty loosie and righty tightie.
Some quarter turn counter clockwise then pull off.
Don’t blow the moisture into the aid.



Unfortunately my hearing aids have the top where you have to release the pin to take off the tube it doesn’t just unscrew ( pictured below) and I don’t have the tool to release the pin to get it off.



Thank you i think i’ll try putting it in my dryer tonight and see if that helps

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My wife has a cork board she pins stuff to, like bills and taxes. I use one of those little pins to push the pins out of my aids. Then a set of tweezers to get that pin started back in the hole. They push back in easy.
They are very small. Good light and glasses are a must.



Looks like a screw off. You sure that pin is related to the tube and its not just tight?



Agreed, Neville. That does look like the top of mine, mine is the quarter-turn clockwise type. But you do have to turn it hard to undo it, especially the first time. I thought I was doing it wrong and I would break it but it was just very well attached.

Give it a firm turn right (if you are facing it towards you).



I’ve tried just unscrewing it just will not budge no matter what I try that’s why I presume it’s something to do with those pins



Hmmmm. Doesn’t look like a pin to me going by the photo though. The “pin” you refer to near the Mic looks silver, the same as the other two mid and bottom of the body of the aid. These are screws/bolts that hold the casing together. My own aids are the same.
However, if indeed they are silver pins, Raudrive’s suggestion of using one of those corkboard pushpins to push the pin out is a good one. Or if the pushpin is too thick, try a sewing needle.



If that is a SIE or RITE, there’s a wire in the tube that goes from the body of the aid to the little speaker that goes in your ear. It’s not. meant to be taken apart and cleaned like that - only down at the receiver where you might want to replace the wax stop.

If it’s a behind-the-ear BTE style with a hollow tube that the sound travels down from a speaker in the body of the aid, that’s a different story. So, it it’s got a speaker in your ear, don’t try to take it apart, as what you are seeing won’t affect the sound at all.



You haven’t mentioned hat name brand and model aids you have. That would help us help you.

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Looks like the hearing aid is using the HE tube, the same as the Roger Focus. Easily unscrewed.



Ok thanks zebras maybe it’s just how my audiologist did it up as i just can’t seem to get it budge

Raudrive It’s the phonak nathos auto m on my right ear and phonak cros 2 in left



According to Connevans you have the HE11 screw on slim tubes. Like Zebras said. They are male screw on tubes.

Do you have anyone who can give you a hand getting the tubes off? Using a set of pliers carefully would do it too.



The Nathos auto M is the Bolero V70 P in terms of what it looks like.

Yes the Nathos auto M uses the HE tube which just unscrews.

The HA is female and the tube is male in terms of how it screws on.



Thanks for the help i managed to get the white bubbles out by putting it in my dryer. I’ll try and get the top off again later this time with some pliers and see if that works