Which one is best for me?

Hello everyone!
I am looking for recommendations of other brands.
I am currently using a Phonak Naida M70-SP. I have not yet received a report from the professional if the Lumity’s came in. I recently made a post, to see if I am compatible with the Phonak Audeo Lumity and it is pending until my pro notifies me once it is available in my country.
It will be my second time in my life to possibly switch brands. The first and last time, Beltone, when I was about 6-7 years old. I used to send in for service about 6 times a year and then went back to Phonak again.
Any advice is welcome! And if you recommend any kind of accessory, all the better! I work remotely, and I would like to know if there is any accessory that I can connect or link to my pc to be able to participate in a meeting without inconvenience, currently I use the speakers and the muted microphone. I have a headset, but I do not feel comfortable.
My hearing aid has been in use for 3 years now, maybe it can last another year. Who knows. I usually change it between 3 and 4 years of life, then it starts to fail.
Only for the right ear. The left one ignore, because it has been tested with hearing aids - several -, and using it makes me dizzy, e.g. when walking, it makes me dizzy, when standing still while listening with the left one, it makes me dizzy.
Have a great week!

Hi there, well your in the profound loss on the that left ear, so one would think BTE UP type would benefit greatly, in this range there’s not a lot to choose from, Oticon Xceed or the Naida, Phonak has the best range in accessories which in your case the Roger from Phonak, sometimes it’s best to stick to what your used to, some members who can help.

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Hello! only for the right side. I forgot to specify and there I added information in the post just now.
The left one unfortunately, it was tested, but it makes me dizzy. I get along well with the right one.

Do you know your word recognition scores? It might be worthwhile being evaluated for a cochlear implant.

Hello! The team has been consulted 3 times.
I was informed that at the moment it is not necessary to perform an implant. Since, I manage very well with my right ear. Regarding scoring, the clinic has it. If you have any questions, I am willing to answer you. If you require the score, let me consult him this week.

I’m not a professional so I don’t “need” any info. I always grow concerned when I see people with very severe to profound hearing losses seeking the “perfect” hearing aid. That doesn’t seem to apply to you, but I have seen it in others. Regarding your original question. Your current hearing aids should be able to pair with a PC if the PC has bluetooth. If your current hearing aids have been working well, the Naida Lumity seems like it would be a good replacement.


Do you know why you get dizzy?
Is there a medical reason?
Are you just wearing one hearing aid now?

If your Phonak Nadia SP does well on your right ear you may not need an UP sid. You just might get by with the RIC hearing aid with the P or UP receiver. It sure might be worth a try if you could without buying it.

The new Phonak Nadia Lumiity would be a good one for you otherwise.

No, I never mentioned the search for a “perfect” hearing aid.
I was looking for recommendations to try alternatives, and see if I can hear better. I never wanted a “perfect” one in my life, just one that allows me to hear well.
I see you are recommending the new Naida. We’ll see.

When I listen with an earphone in my left ear, it’s like it buzzes and makes me dizzy at the same time.
I have informed the team and they are aware of it. I don’t remember which medical reason, but I will soon ask the team again as soon as I have to be tested again.
Yes, I only use the right one.

I was looking at the above comments, it looks like I would have to go for the new Naida Lumity, my practitioner informed me that I should test with the Audeo.


My suggestion of the Naida Lumity is because you’re currently in a Naida Marvel. Usually (not always) there’s a reason they but you in a Super Power BTE.

This sounds very similar to what both of my ears would do on mid frequencies and up. For me it was dead zones that hearing aids could not help. I ended up getting both ears cochlear implanted. This has turned out to be a great thing. I hear well with both ears now. Your buzzing ear might be a great candidate for a CI.

I am curious how the Phonak Audeo does on that one ear. I can’t imagine you will hear well with any hearing aid, just get by maybe.

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Looking at the document of the Naida line, the compatibility it would have is the Naida Lumity UP. My specialist will inform me better. My big question is the Rogers, if it is worth having one or not.

I can hear the Naida line hearing aids very well, but before the pandemic I tried the Audeo line, but it requires a lot of adjustments and will require many sessions.
I hear very well with my right, but nothing with my left.
As for being a candidate for an implant, at the moment I don’t want to, it is likely that in the future I will. Although this topic generates many doubts in me.

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In a quiet room with one on one speech, with eyes closed (so you can’t read lips), can you understand somebody? If not, Roger is not going to help. If you can understand somebody in that situation, then Roger may help in noisier situations. From everything I’ve heard, IF one qualifies for a cochlear implant, the sooner the better. Most of what I hear is that people wished they’d done it sooner. The reason I mentioned word recognition scores is because if they’re low, you’re likely using lip reading and other cues to get by. If scores are high, then you just need adequate gain. My guess is that you wouldn’t notice a big difference between well adjusted Marvel and Lumity (or any other hearing aid)

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Yes, I can perfectly understand a sentence, e.g. In a room with a good minimum distance of almost 3 meters, I understand very well. As long as there is no noise involved. Now in a group conversation, when others speak at the same time, I can almost understand what the person is saying and even without reading lips.
Previously I used to read lips in clubs when there was a lot of noise.
Now, if I am at a long distance and there is no noise in the middle, I understand it well to very well. I’m talking about a distance of more than 8 meters.
But if it’s in a room, and I don’t look at the person, I understand very well even if there is some noise.
As for the difference between Marvel and Lumity, I wouldn’t believe that much. But I did notice huge changes when I previously had a Naida Q70 SP.

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I wear Phonak after many years with Oticon. The advantages I have found:

  1. Roger microphones (the best in the industry) connect directly
  2. Phonak uses Classic Bluetooth, so Bluetooth connections work with 2 devices at a time, and work with devices the other hearing aid Bluetooth versions do not. For instance, I can now connect directly with my older MacBook Air. With Oticon, I had to use the Connectclip to connect to my laptop.
  3. Phonak has a good smartphone app which allows more adjustment to the hearing aids.
    So the Phonak will allow you to stream directly to your computer for your video meetings. You will be using your hearing aids instead of earbuds or headphones. I do this all the time. Also be sure to use the captions available on most video meeting programs such as Zoom and Google Meets (click on the cc to start).
    Best of luck!
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