Which is better

I’m in the process of getting a new hearing aid (open ear) and have narrowed it down to 3 manufacturers.
Seimens Cielo-2
sonic ion
Unitron element 8

I’m looking for some feedback from anyone who owns one of these instruments.



Any of those choices can be a great choice.

I personally, out of the list, like the Sonic Ion. On June 15th, though, the Sonic Ion 200 will be released, which is an update to the Ion. It incorporates a better platform, better protection from moisture and a slight change in the casing, but they are the smallest open fit devices out of your list.

I have a pair of Unitron Element 16 that were fitted in March 2007.

I love them.

I tried the delta’s and liked them a lot also, but just counld’t handle the
4000 to $5000 dollar cost.

I also tried the Sears aids, I found them to be good but not for the $7800

I bought the Element 16’s because of price and performance, which fit
my active life style. (I am a courier, woodworker, bicyclist and a grandfather.)

I would think about the 16 rather than the 8 (for me the 16 was only $150 more) and it gave me twice as many channels.


i have a problem with sonic as it is a company that has not make any money in the past 2 years (they are public and their financials are disclosed).
The have good products but this generally bothers me.

Siemens is a good company and Unitron is part of phonak. While I do not dispense siemens, some of my friends do and they say they get the products real fast and the service is quite good.


Any of those would be a good choice. The Ion is a bit more advanced. Your hearing professional should let you try each one until you find one that you like the best. Hearing aids sound different to different people.

siemens is #1 in the world , expect them to be around for a long time.
I like the e to e, and it tends to have better a very good lead time

sonic I = is not making any money whatsoever, again they dont even make
enough to cover the general sales and admin expenses in the past 2 years…
this is no good considering the dollar is so cheap now…