Which hearing aids would be best

I’ve got an appointment w an audiologist tomorrow. I’ve only just heard that audiologists may lead you to one they prefer and they might not have expertise in all available. For that reason, I’d like to go w some idea of what would be the right HAs for me. I’ve used HAs for about 25 years. This last year I tried Costco’s Phillips and Jabras which weren’t good at all. Before that Phonak audio 90. So now I’m going through zip hearing that has all the latest HAs. I’m an actor and I used to be an improviser but bc of hearing had to let that go. I need the best HAs for speech. Thanks for any info you can share!

Have a look at Signia, Insio charge & go in the ear aids. Or the new IX aids from Signia as well. Resound Omnia would be another option, both in the ear and behind styles.


I have tested Omnias and Signias AX7 for several months focusing on speech and in my case Signias were much better.
If you want to check Signias, get Rextons from Costco, they’re the same exact HAs but much cheaper.
One thing of note with that brand, is that they’ve just released upgrade to their platform AX->IX, with features that are supposed to help with speech in a group setting.

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I suspect the issue is more the audiologist than the hearing aids. Find an audiologist that’s really working to you.


I thought w my hearing loss iTE HAs woudn’t be powerful enough. I have a lot to learn

If that’s true how do you know before going if an audio is more of a rep for one or two companies

Thanks! I’ve tested phillips and Jabras from Costco. I don’t believe any of theirs are powerful enough. Maybe explain to me why I’m wrong

Your loss is basically in the moderate range. Any of Costco’s hearing aids would have enough power with Medium receivers.


Give them a call in advance and ask what brands they carry. You could also ask for recommendations.

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My hearing loss dips lower than yours and I’m wearing Signias (which are Rextons at Costco). You have a choice of more powerful receivers with these if something, but that shouldn’t be necessary.
As already said, everything that Costco offers is suitable for your loss.

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Oh this seems so simple. I thought all audiologists had all brands. I guess I’m wrong! Thanks!

Then I don’t know why I can’t get acceptable hearing. My 6 year old Phonak Audio 90s sound better than either of the ones from Costco. Just not enough power or level of sound. The sound though sounds natural which the ones from Costco don’t.

Philips HAs are made Oticon’s maker, Jabras are Resounds and Rextons are rebranded Signias. Unfortunately Costco no longer sells Kirklands which were rebranded Phonaks. Still, with a half decent audi it should be possible to get you a similar sound.

Getting a good hearing aid fitting is a two way street. Your ability to communicate what you are experiencing and the hearing aid fitter’s ability to understand it is probably more important then the brand of hearing aid for speech.

Part of the issue is that we use words like: tiny, or boomy. So there is room for interpretation.

On top of that, if you don’t write down your issues as you experience them, you might not remember that issue when it comes time get fine tuning adjustments at your next appointment.

Look at my audiogram. I have the Rwsound equivalent to the Jabra’s and they do just fine. Please refrain from giving bad advice. Opinions are moe than welcome though

Have you considered DIY, it’s not hard and everything is available to do it for quite cheap now, programming can be done on the fly for those difficult situations, this can be done with all the models fromCostco.


Were you referring to me saying I gave bad advice?

Well, yes. Maybe! But most likely, not. The audi that you’re scheduled with is more likely than not to be honest and competent and looking to match your needs with a good HA. Every distributor, including Costco, has a limited number of HA brands to choose from.

It’s easy think the ‘take away’ from many posts here is that your audi is probably a cheat looking to sell you on a less than optimal HA because they’ll make more money that way. This doesn’[t match up with my experience. In any case, it’s always wise to use your sniffer and smell out heavy handed sales tactics, and then go elsewhere. that’s why it’s good to be reasonably informed going in to an appointment. I your audi appreciates your informed questions, that’[s a good sign! If not…that’s not a good sign. Just don’t try to tell the audi what to do or be paranoid! No reason for any of this.

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One possibility, is that they had “acclimatization period” turned on, which means that they will reach full volume after some time. You should ask them to check for that and turn it off for you.
The other one is that your Phonaks have earmolds or something that encloses your ear canal better.

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