Which HA brand suites to save different fitting formula’s in different programs

There are some forum members here, I saw, who tested/ saved fitting formula’s on one single brand of HA’s by saving them as different programs in order to compare them.

I would now also like to have my personal audiogram in several programs I can choose from on base of fitting instead of, as usual, choosing a sound- solution as music, crowd, noise, car, windy etc.

What I would like to know is which of the main brands have the capacity to do this in an easy way. So save prescription formulas for my audiogram without changing parameters myself. DIY will be the most straight forward solution.

What I did until now was comparing different brands and their possible listening programs and a bit turning the knobs/ fine-tuning in the fitting software. But it isn’t easy to remember and also not easy to compare the slightly different changes. Also changing aids makes a big difference in my experience.

Maybe one of the HCP’s or suppliers here on the forum or one of the older DIY- ers any idea’s what HA’s best suit for experimenting with prescription formulas?

Thanks in advance for your appreciated thoughts.


Oticon is the one to use if you want different prescriptions on each of four programs. I know it works for xceed and OPN.


Thank you very much for your info, really appreciate.
With the Oticon OPN you mean the S1 from 2019, as well as the Exceed from 2019. Or the OPN from 2016?
Curious if this will still be the case for the newer ones from Oticon also…

I’m not in a hurry as I already have several other brands already which I think cannot do this, afaik. But now we are 2024 and I’m afraid that the functionality I’m expecting from a HA probably will not be there as nowedays in 2020 More, 2022 Own Ruby, 2023 Real1 and 2024 the Intent came out from Oticon.

But I’ll keep it in mind anyhow for my testing purpose, thanks.

I believe it’s been a feature with genie for quite awhile, people have been doing it on their More/Real models, don’t know if they would bother changing for the Intent tho

@Volusiano will know the range, i’m sure he will help.

This is pretty standard for Oticon to offer all fitting rationales. They might have had it even before the OPN, but I’m only familiar with Genie 2 using the OPN forward. So the OPN, OPN S, More, Real, Intent all offer VAC+ (the Oticon rationale) and DSL (for adult and pediatric both), and NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2.

Do note however, that as a DIY thing, you can create up to 4 programs with different rationales in each of them to compare, but of course you wouldn’t have REM adjustment available as a DIY’er.

Also note that if you had REM done and adjustments made, if it’s not done by your HCP via the Genie 2 REM Autofit, but instead it’s done using a third part REM system, then even if your default program is based on VAC+, the HCP can only calculate the target gain based on any of the standard rationales except VAC+ (becaue it’s Oticon proprietary, so the target gain can only be calculated using Genie 2 and not a third party REM system.

So even if the default program P1 is based on VAC+, let’s say that your HCP did the REM adjustments using the NAL-NL2 target gain curves, then your VAC+ based program is still going to end up sounding like NAL-NL2 anyway.

I know Philips and probably all of the William Demant HA companies, like Bernafon, Sonic and Oticon probably all have standard rationales available in their aids. I don’t know about other brands’ mfgs, though (like Sonova, for example). But most likely they all offer a choice of standard rationales beside their own home-brewed one as well.

Only Oticon offer side by side formula on the same session, all the other manufacturers software offer the standard formulas including their own respective proprietary fitting formula as a single choice, NAL, DSL, etc.
Also from the legacy software from Oticon, they offer this on the old Alta, so it’s been a feature for them fir quite some time.

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@tenkan This indeed is what I was looking for. So my question has been answered so far.

Thanks michael1 and volusiano for your insides and help too.

I need to take back what I said above about the Philips HearSuite software having the standard rationales available to the users. I checked recently and it looks like they don’t.