Where to repair "old" analog hearing aid?

Please reccomend a reliable place where can I send an older hearing aid for repair/recase. I have 8 year old Oticon Personic Analog BTE hearing aids and was told by an audiologist that they “cannot be repaired”. I don’t like that answer.

One stopped working so I haven’t worn it for a while. Yesterday my one working aid fell on the floor and the case broke where the earhook screws on.

I will call around to more audiologists in town but in the meantime … I looked online and found a few companies… any good/bad opinions on these?

hearing haven

One source for parts for obsolete HA is Ebay : I’m sure you will find one that you can buy pretty cheap and then use it to scavenge parts for repairing your old ones.

I have used www.directhearingaidservices.com and have nothing but praise for there quick turnaround( less than 6 days), quality of repair and price $142.99 that I would recommend giving them a try.

Hello Skimerinkydo, I sent both mine to hearingaidrepair.org and they are great.
Not one problem and I like they replaced everything but the circut.
I bought a 2 year repair warranty for each of my hearing aid and I won’t go no where else. They have a web site . Good luck.